Is pickle a fruit or vegetable? It is an honest to god question. I don’t mean the English word pickle in different languages. Like the Indian pickle. But it is an interesting fruit/vegetable, a thing, I think.

In the end, you know that they are just there. Some people like them. Some people don’t. But how many people actually, really take them into consideration? What role do they play in the world? They don’t know that pickles are a component that makes some people’s worlds rotate. Even the basic material that formulates the universe. There are pickles just waiting. Whether they are good or not, doesn’t matter. They will just be there. In the end, you know pickles will be everywhere. Every atom that composes the universe has a bit of a pickle in it. I should mention that I may or may not have posted this based on a fever dream.

To be honest, I am not sure what exactly happened during the fever dream and I am not sure if it was a fever dream or an average hallucination because I am hungry, but I am sure this was better than my other posts. In reality, this was something I made. It is not meant to entertain you because I didn’t put that much effort into it, but here it is.  For the most part, I always made sure that my posts meant something. For the most part, its been true. Except for this. I don’t even know while you are still reading. It is a post about pickle! A simple vegetable, fruit, I am not sure, just a thing.

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