My trip to San Diego

My mom and I went to San Diego for Christmas. We went to the Wild Animal Park and Seaworld. Sea world was good and I liked it a lot. But the Wild Animal Park was the best because this was my first trip there. I fed a baby giraffe and saw a gorilla family. The baby animals were so cute. This place has one of the world’s oldest animal breeding programs which was pretty awesome.

I liked getting room service breakfast. My favorite breakfast was toast french sticks and sausage.

After the trip, I felt really tired. So I might have gone to bed really early. I really don’t know because my past isn’t that clear to me. Do you  have difficulties recalling the past sometimes?

PS: I forgot to add I also saw a Cheetah Run at the Wild Animal Park. I have a video of it too, but cannot post it here because I need to become a paid member for that.

2 thoughts on “My trip to San Diego

  1. Hi V – So you remember our trip to San Diego Sea World 3 years back? Let’s see if you have difficulty remembering this particular past experience?

    A Chitti

    1. Aruna Chitti

      Actually it was four years ago when I was still five. That is why it is a little hard for me to remember much. Please post a comment about the first thing we did in Seaworld. I might remember it! But I remember the room on the beach that we stayed in. That was a lot of fun. Back then when I was five, I got a lot of Seaworld merchandise that I didn’t even need.But I remember our trip to Disneyland much better. The roller coasters were rather terrifying.

      Thanks for posting Aruna chitti, hope to see you often here. Love, Viyan

      PS: I am looking forward to the next time I come back and see your awesome house in Bangalore.
      PPS: PS always means post script.

  2. Hi Vi

    Let’s see. We stayed in that cool hotel by the beach, went and saw Shamu for the 1st time, you insisted on getting more than one souvenir, we played in the beach and went and had a nice dinner. You also got a spider man as a christmas gift from Rakesh..Do you remember?

    You didn’t know what Disneyland was and was a little disappointed till you saw the Jedi Master. After that it was all fun. Remember the starship ride that you and me alone went on..It was super fast and you liked it a lot I think.

    I waiting for you to come back and for us to spend some time together..I really like your blog and I think you are one the coolest kids ever..So proud of you baby.

    Hugs & Love
    Aruna Chitti

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