The 39 clues Book 1

This series of books is about the competition for who gets to dominate the world.

This story starts out with two siblings named Amy and Dan Cahill. Amy was fourteen and Dan was eleven. It starts out with them learning that they were related to the most powerful families in history known to be related to people like Abraham Lincoln, Mozart, and Napoleon. They must go through a series of 39 clues to learn the secrets of the world. Almost getting killed plenty of times. With the mysterious man with gray hair and black suit following them and watching their every move. No one knows who he is and why he is spying. This contest comes with very fierce competitors and rivals. They will have to go through the past to learn about four branches of their family, but not knowing which branch they were from. These branches are known as Lusion, Janice, Tomas, and Ecatarina. All from four legendary people said to be fighting over something that has to do with this contest. These people are known as Jane, Luke, Thomas and Catharine. These are siblings who have been trying to kill each other for centuries to dominate the world. Yet, at this time, Dan and Amy were learning that the Cahill family branches were still trying to get at each other.

I really liked this book. If you listen to or read Book 1, you will not know that they are related to Mozart and Napoleon. Because the clues in Book 1 are based on walking through Abraham Lincoln’s steps in life and he is known as Lusion. Since it is the Book 1, you can tell there are sequels. Also, the person that sent Amy and Dan on this dangerous quest was their grandmother named Grace Cahill. What I like is that Grace’s lawer, William McIntyre has given lots of inside information throughout the book, the most helpful being his dire warning, “Beware the Madrigals”. There is absolutely no information about these people called Madrigals. All that is known for centuries is that this group has been trying to end of the Cahill race. The Madrigals are first mentioned in Book 4 which you have to find out yourself. What I liked about the book was that how they also had close calls and in different kinds of ways they could get ahead of their competition even though their competitors were so much better trained and wealthier. The only one who was able to make nice alliances was Alistair O who was also a competitor. He was a very poor man, after making a company that failed. But what Dan really liked about him was he invented  microwavable burritos. Alistair knew that one way to a kid’s heart was through microwaveable food. I like microwaveable soya buffalo wings.

My favorite character in this book was Alistair even though there was a problem with him. When there was a chance to betray the people he had made an alliance with, the only people he truly betrayed were Ian and Natalie Kabrah, wealthy, trained, and ruthless archrivals in the contest for the 39 clues. Since Alistair was very poor, he knew the sadness that Amy and Dan felt. Even though Amy and Dan were convinced many times that Alistair had betrayed them he did not. He just tried to make the contest easier for them. He even pretended to be dead so everyone would think he was out of the competition. Because Alistair had known how Amy and Dan would feel, he was able to build a fragile trust. He knew that Amy and Dan would keep an eye on him, since he was thought to have betrayed them three times. My mom thinks I like this character because he supported the underdog and showed empathy.

The characters I disliked are the rest of the competition. The first to get knocked out of the competition was the Starling triplets and they were barely seen in the rest of the series. Even though the Starlings don’t go by the name Cahill, their Aunt Beatrice told Dan and Amy about cousins once removed to three times removed until Dan’s brains started to hurt. The Starling triplets were kind of funny when the narrator of the book talked about them. They were described wearing the exact same clothes so they looked GI Joe figures.

PS: This book is known as the Maze of Bones.

PPS: Feel free to ask about other competitors in the competition.

PPPS: Man in Black could not be a Madrigal because he seems to have William McIntyre’s trust. which means there is no explanation whether he is good or bad.

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