Book Review – Boom

Today, I am reviewing a book called “Boom” by Mark Haddon. I just want to say that I liked this book a lot.  Here is the link to the book.

Boom is about a boy named, Jimbo, his goth sister, Becky, and a brave, fearless friend, Charlie. It starts off with Jimbo just doing his daily thing. Then he and Charlie heard two of his teachers randomly saying nonsense that was not English. Jimbo and Charlie observed and spied on the two teachers learning more about them. They thought of different things about the teachers from they were secret agents to crooks to aliens. What they really were, you have to find out fromm the book. Oh, and Becky also got dragged into this mystery later in the book.

I guess my rating on this book is 65 rockets out of 66.

I like this book because it has complete mystery. The only strange thing about this book is that it ends with some people in black threatening to kill Jimbo, Charlie, and Becky, if they spread any of the information. I have no idea, but there has got to be some explanation for this ending. I can’t tell if there is going to be a sequel or not.

My favorite character was Charlie because he was always prepared to take whatever risk he needed to take. He even broke into the house of one of the teachers  to take a wrist band that communicated to random people in a whole different code language. That’s where the adventure started even though this part was much later in the book.

I always pictured Jimbo and Charlie would look different from each other.  The description of their looks weren’t all that clear. I would have liked more detailed descriptions, but I guess this allowed me to use my imagination to picture them the way I liked.

Here is an interview with the author of this book.

PS: I learned how to post links today.

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