My new legos

Jan 16, 4.21 pm:

I just finished building my new lego set.

I really like it a lot more than some other lego sets. I just finished building the carriage. Instead of putting the horses on it and connecting the carriage to the horses, I decided to put a steering wheel on the front of the carriage. Because, I thought it would be nice to give the horses a break.

Also because it is more convenient. I also wanted to make it look like it is half-car and half-carriage and make it look really futuristic. Even though I have only changed one thing and claim it is from the future. If you have the right lego pieces and some characters, anything can be done….. with legos.

Anyway, I guess I am going to get all my lego figures and see what I can do with my lego carriage…..

That’s what I’m thinking about.


2 thoughts on “My new legos

  1. Love those legos…when I was your age, mostly there were only building blocks. Now, with landscapes, horses, steering wheels, gears–even motors, I am amazed what can be built and rebuilt. Keep up that good work, Viyan.

    1. Thanks, Uncle Nigel. I will keep up the good work. Sometimes I will get newer lego sets than I usually do. I do have a whole bunch of gears and pulleys in legos. I sometimes build stuff out of legos that I have that are only bricks. I made a pretty good car out of them.

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