My new microscope

Last night, with my friend Timmy, I set up my new microscope.

I cannot believe how many cool things I can see with it. For instance, I can see stem of cotton through it. Even a housefly leg. Everything looks unbelievably awesome. I have seen all kinds of things starting with my saliva. It looked unbelievably cool, like little molecules floating all over the place connected to each other. Maybe I will come across some even more cooler things. I do wonder if there is a microscope that can magnify enough to see a double helix inside a DNA sample.

Later, I will post some of the pictures of the things that I can see through the microscope when I find out to download my pictures to my computer.

3 thoughts on “My new microscope

  1. That is very exciting! There is so much to discover! Maybe not molecules, but cells in the onion slice, and the magnification of items. Have fun! Michigan Tech has an electron microscope that we were able to view!

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