The 39 Clues – Book 2 – Review

Today, I am going to write about The 39 Clues Book 2. It is called, “One False Note”.

I would say that this is probably my least favorite book in this series so far. I am reading Book 5, A Black Circle now. I cannot say anything about why I don’t like this one as much as the others. But it just is.

This is the book where Amy and Dan, as you know the main characters, are following through the steps of Mozart. Basically, it starts off with their Au pair, Nelly Gomez trying to get their cat Saladine to eat some cat food even though he is used to red snapper.

The first competitors that they encountered were the Holts on the train. If you want to know more about the hopes, the PS holds good for that too. They start off with trying to strangle Dan for the only clue they had, which was the lead to the whole competition that they didn’t have. After the strangling was over and Dan was breathing again Dan and Amy got out of the train successfully with the clue successfully escaping the Holts. Without their knowledge, Ian (14) and Natalie (11) Kabra, both the exact same age as Amy and Dan were watching every single move Amy and Dan made. The Cabras were rich, well trained in mental and physical activities and mostly ruthless, and were the main rivals in the 39 Clues competition. Natalie was watching them through high power binoculars from a small limousine while Ian was going on a battle of wits in a chess game against a Russian supercomputer. Natalie knew that Ian had special talents but he had to be watched. Meanwhile, Ian was preparing a strategy seven moves away from checkmate.

After some time, Amy and Dan ended up in a cave after following their Uncle Alistair, also my favorite character in this series even though he hasn’t formed an alliance in this book. Then they realized that Saladine had a tracking device on him. They removed it and planted it on Alistair. They ended up losing Ian and Natalie. After this, that is when they found out that Mozart’s exact diary was stolen by Jonah Wizard. This adventure continues on….

What I like about this book is that this is more likely the book with the close calls mostly with their rivals and a few angry monks who Dan prefers to call mini Darth Vaders without the masks.

PS: If you want to know what this story is about, you have to see the review for Book 1 first.
PPS: On Khan Academy, I earned 5132 points and I became an Apprentice Trignometrician.

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