Game Review: Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess

Even though this was the first Legend of Zelda game I ever played, I think I might like Windwaker a little better. I like this game because of all the cool graphics and all the extreme horror movie likeness. This is basically the horror movie equivalent of all the legend of zelda games. When you start playing as the main character Link or you can actually rename him, at certain levels of the game, you would play Link as Werewolf and you fight with different things like undead skeletons etc. During the day time, when you are a normal human being, you go as a warrior sword and shield style.

Now this isn’t just a fighting game. It is more like an adventure game. Even though you can fight your way through the enemies and solve puzzles, there are some pretty awesomely cool places to explore. My personal favorite, highroll field. My friends say that this is the hardest Legend of Zelda game out there, but I think Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword would be harder.

I also love the music in this game. The intro music is like a resurrected sacred monster opera kind of music.

This zelda game is different from the others because the graphics are completely different. I guess Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask are similar graphics but this one has much more artistic landscapes and the characters are much more detailed. I mean, just look at Link.

Link is most detailed in this game. In other games, they got a bit lazy and didn’t add much details.

I really like all kinds of things about this game, but it does get kind of hard though. I shouldn’t blame it because all Zelda games are like this. I get stuck a lot of times on these games. They have hard puzzles to solve; you need to get the timing right; most things are so hard to find it takes probably a few days to get through one level and then get stuck on the next level.

What I really like about this game is the plot. It starts off with you as the main character Link doing your daily routine. You start off with your house and no weapon. Somehow he gets pulled into the plot where he finds out that his genetics was passed down from a sacred hero in past time who saved the world from evil darkness. And he ends up getting an imp named Midna to help him along in his journey. Here is how Midna looks like.

I would say that Midna would be like Navi from the first game – Ocarina of Time. Instead, she ends up being this arrogant and kind of extremely sassy imp who blackmails Link plenty of times into risking his life to save his world and hers from some kind of twilight darkness that is taking the world apart and turning them into infinite realms. But basically, the darkness keeps spreading all over the world. The cool thing that has to do with Link is he is somewhat connected to the so-called darkness. So when Link first encountered darkness, he ends up turning into a werewolf learning that whenever there is darkness, he will take the werewolf form. If you can master the controls on this form, it makes it much easier to explore all the cool things you can find in this world. Later, in the game, when you are coming near the end of it, you will go into your little imp friend’s world and I gotta say, even though I have only gone through the first level, I love it. I just love the world. It is purple, black smoke flying everywhere, and platforms floating all over, and it is complete darkness. You can jump all over the place. If there was zero gravity, it would be a nice touch, but too bad.

So, overall, I really do like the game.

4 thoughts on “Game Review: Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess

  1. We Love all the Zelda Games in my house. Yes my son loves Windwaker too!
    Have you read the graphic Novels? They are just like the game.
    You will like them too!!!

    1. Alex

      Thank you for the information. The reason I like Windwaker is because the world is huge and you get to go out and explore millions of islands. I am definitely going to read those graphic novels.

      Welcome to my blog. I will post everyday but excuse me if I may accidentally skip a day or two!

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