Avatar the Last Airbender

This is what is on my mind. I recently watched finishing the whole series of this show.

I saw this on Netflix. Lets see a preview.

I loved this series because of all of the characters that appear all through the Books 1 through 3. But mostly because of all the suspense about what the main character goes through.My favorite book would be Book 3. In this book, the main character, Ang is very close to defeating the main villain from taking over the world using the power of a giant meteor.

My favorite character would be Zuko, the Prince of the Fire Nation Army. He is the son of the main villain, Fire Lord Ozai. Zuko’s story is actually pretty interesting. It starts off with him as the first villain trying to capture him because his father had banished him from the Fire Nation Kingdom thinking he was weak. So, he said, in order to regain his honor was by capturing the Avatar and bringing him alive. But after he regained his honor, he found out that it didn’t feel anything good. He never got what he truly wanted, his father’s love. One he realized that he was just a puppet that his father didn’t care about, he left the Fire Nation with his uncle who became more of his father than ever. His uncle was one of the reasons Zuko became good in Book 3.

Now this isn’t just an action movie.It also a hint of comedy to top things off. I think the funniest character would be Saka. He is sassy, tells bad jokes about meat and plenty of other stuff too.

So my rating on this would be 8 out 10 firebenders.