War Horse -review

My mom and I saw the movie “War Horse” last night.

That movie was very saddening. It is not anything that I have ever experienced. Countless lives died. At one level, I think there was only dying in this movie. It stressed me a lot.

But, the relationship between the boy and the horse was beautiful. It was the best thing about the movie. But I find it still hard to take that the Germans murdered a fourteen year old. This movie was pure sadness. The worst thing is that even my favorite character, the hero’s friend died. Way too quickly. He was always nice to Albert the main character. He was kind of Albert’s partner through the movie. Until the giant bomb blew him up. That is probably the most sad scene for me. I just felt like going home and completely abandon the movie. As touching as it was, it was really sad, knowing so many characters were there to be either shot on the chest, blown up, or dead by the Germans.

The good thing is that there were some Germans who were not completely heartless. The first non heartless Germans to appear were the two boys. The first one was very young but still ended up being sent out to war. So his older brother decided to rescue him. Happy that those two boys actually cared about each other and not willing to just let his younger brother go and kill himself in the war. Because knowing wars, all there is to it ruthless killing. At that time, when the Germans were so intent on getting their power, it was like a drug they were high on. The next was the girl Emilie and her grandpa. After that the German soldier who helped the British soldier to set Joey free when he got stuck on barbed wire. The British soldier, named Colin, who was also Albert’s friend, decided to help Joey stuck in the no-man’s land even though he could have killed by the German soldiers. But instead, a German offered him a wire cutter and helped him set Joey free. After that, they flipped a coin to find out who he actually got the horse. It was kind of funny, but, believe me, it was probably the only funny thing that you would see in the whole movie.

In the end, Joey the horse got reunited with Albert. The war got over. And then a happy ending. Even though I liked the movie, it was a bit hard for me to digest. So I would rate this a 13 out of 20 horses separated from their owners and then getting reunited. Probably the lowest rating I have ever given.

3 thoughts on “War Horse -review

  1. Thanks for the review. Here, you nailed it: “This movie was pure sadness.” I didn’t see the movie because I read a review like your’s that suggested the Director played too heartlessly on heartfelt emotions…as if he was directing a war on people with healthy emotions! How well can a movie promote peace when ruthlessly it shows war? I prefer it when the means and ends are aligned, positive process for positive purpose…e.g., a peaceful movie to promote peace. But stories can be more exciting when they scare or hurt before a climax of relief.

    There is another reason that I did not want to see this movie: My grandfather fought in World War I for the Royal Horse Artillery. They said he had a way with the horses. He was gassed a total of three times, and each time he got better, he returned to lead the horses in battle.

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