Magician’s Story – Part 5

I could see the goblins lying on the ground clearly and I realized something. I could see Sornow. The fusion had ended and for some reason, it must have created some kind of explosion that defeated the goblins that were coming toward us. I could still feel that Sornow and I were both Level 11 even though we had split again. Then I realized that we could get further on levels quicker by going to temples all over the world to get more and more power to finally fight against someone in Level 75. So then, Sornow suggested we go to the kingdom. Sornow and I split up to find the soldiers to stop the rest of the goblins from attacking the castle. So far there was no luck. After solider we found was either lazy or busy fighting head on. I had no idea how to get back to the temple and get the spell book we had left behind. But then, I saw a chance we can get against all these goblins.

Unbelievably, I saw a dragon’s cave in a volcano that looked pretty close from where we were. I told Sornow about what I spotted. We decided to go in. Maybe we could find something useful. Once were there, we did. It was a dragon blade. Some person might have used the dragon fire to forge the blade while the dragon wasn’t home. But sadly, now all I could see was a skeleton and the dragon fast asleep. I was not sure how we could get the dragon blade but maybe if we can cast a sleep spell to put the dragon in a deeper sleep, so it would be easier to get the blade. From what I could see, his eyes were half open. Sornow tried to use one. But it only worked half way. The dragon was still half way asleep. Then I realized something. The dragon wasn’t pitch black like some dragons I knew about. It was completely red. Its scales were red. Even the fire that was coming from its nostrils every time it breathed were completely colored in red. I once studied these kinds of dragons. Then I knew that if you pour water on their bodies, it paralyzed them for exactly five hours. If you were a magician like me, you would know that when you are exactly four and half, you would have been taught the water spell. So basically, every magician knows it like the back of their hand.

Sornow cast the spell, “Water, bigger than a quarter; just not enough to slaughter all of us”. Well, I went for the dragon blade. But we were too late. The dragon already got up and was breathing fire. But then, I realized something. Sornow wasn’t much afraid when this happened. But then I realized that it would be an advantage. That fear turned cold and the coldness went into the spell. And then the spell shot at the dragon and he was breathing fire at him, but he looked like a statute. Even the fire looked like a statue. The dragon was frozen solid. Then, I slowly grabbed the dragon blade. I was just relieved that I was not a human sausage burning like a steak on a grill. After we got the blade back to the kingdom with the same relief I just said, all that relief went away. Then we remembered the reason why we even got that blade in the first place.

Before we knew it, the goblins already had taken over the kingdom. We knew that coming from a red dragon, the blade would be very powerful. So I decided to test the blade out on mid-air, but then, the most surprising thing happened. The blade shot out a firey laser right out of its tip once I made just one slash in the air. It was like the air was carrying fire shaped like a line across the kingdom. Before we knew it, the place was burning down completely. Then we happily realized that all the humans from the castle were out of the kingdom and completely safe. Only they have started up a resistance force trying to defeat the goblins after the kingdom was taken over. Sornow and I didn’t take that long to get the dragon blade. I guess the goblin army was extremely powerful. So, after all the goblins were caught in the fire of the kingdom, every thing burned down to a crisp. Nothing was left there but burnt corpses of the goblins. So we decided to make a new kingdom rising from the ashes realizing that our adventure is continuing and we are getting closer to the next level.

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