Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. I have been slacking off a little 😦 And our internet has been on the friz.

This is one of the most famous and well known products or whatever it is called. This started off with a man who as a kid loved to collect things, bugs, rocks, all kinds of things. When he grew up, he made up Pokemon, basically all kinds of creatures you see all over the place. You go to a lab and get your own Pokemon and then the Professor you meet gives you endless supply of pokeballs. With these pokeballs, your startup pokemon is your only free pokemon. These are creatures that live in the wild. You use your starter pokemon to attack the ones in the wild, weaken them, and catch them with pokeballs. Then you get to be a pokemon trainer. All pokemon trainers are allowed to have a maximum of six pokemons but the rest need to be sent to the lab. All pokemon trainers dream that they will be the best and biggest pokemon master in the world. So here is what they do. They need to go into a competition called the Pokemon League. Also, other trainers can battle with your pokemon. You can defeat their pokemon or they will defeat yours. Whichever way it is.

So the way to go to get to this competition is you need to travel all over the world. You need to travel to eight cities and you need to go to the Pokemon Gym. It is kind of a gym. Here is the thing with that. In the video game, you need to fight with a series of trainers until you get to the Gym Leader who has unbelievable power. If you are skilled enough to defeat this Leader, you will be rewarded with a gym badge. You need eight badges for getting into the Pokemon League. But for the Orange League, you will need only four badges, but we will get into that later. In the anime, you can just go straight to challenge the gym leader without fighting anyone else. The anime, I would say it is a pretty good show for comedy. But the main characters do end up getting fooled by the villains pretty easily no matter how bad the disguises are.

Now it is time to get into evolution. A lot of pokemon (except for some) have the ability to evolve into different pokemon, that look kind of different and more powerful than just their original evolution stage. The limit to how many evolutions a pokemon can have is three. One, the first form you catch in if you find them at a starter place, they are all at their first stages. Then, there is the more advanced routes in the city, where you find pokemon already in the second evolution stages. Sometimes, pokemon don’t evolve at all. So you just have to raise their skills by yourselves. But then, I don’t think you can find any of these in the wild, the final evolution of the pokemon. That can only be found in places, may be if you are in the Pokemon League.

Now to get into regions. Every region starts a whole season of one certain show. Here is one of them. The first one and the most common one is called Kanto. This place has pokemon that I probably like the least. I am not saying that I don’t like the pokemon you find there, but they are not very interesting to me in some ways. Because all of them are based off things that are real. Like a Caterpi, just a cute looking caterpillar with the size of a Chihuahua. Or may be Pidgey, who is basically like a pigeon. I will post an image.

Then, there is something called Johto, where it gets a little more cool looking. The most that looks like not an animal would be Chicarita.

Then it comes to Hoen. Now I would really like the pokemon found in this region. But they always gave me a certain feeling that made me different from what I am used to, since I have never experienced Hoeen in the video games. And then comes my favorite, Sinnoh. Even though a few of the pokemon in this region are like the ones found in Kanto region, these are awesome pokemon. In the anime, it turned into a great show. The atmosphere and the pokemon we all met were unbelievably nice looking. I loved everything. Even the gyms had a certain nice feeling. But here is one thing that actually made show much better. Now see the main villains that always fool the main characters with their boring disguises. They were kind of pathetic once they were found out. They aren’t that good at what they do. So they just went as interruption for comedy. These villains are called Team Rockets, two people and one talking pokemon and a bunch of dumb pokemons.

So here is the part where the show gets better and gets more action. There is another team like Team Rockets, this is called Team Galactic. They were a whole organization and completely evil and brought out the action in the season. But, I always thought something. Team Galactic were never bad people. It is just because of their leader, Cyrus who had taken over the organization and used his new power to unleash pokemon for him to control. Now here is one of the parts that I like the most. There are some legendary pokemons. They are basically legendary pokemons whose information you can find in temples, old caves and very difficult to find or never found. Now to you religious people, just because of this fact of the show, don’t hate it. Because it is not really true.

There is said to be the most legendary pokemon called Palkia and Dialga. It is said that space gets more stable through Palkia’s every breath. Time flows through Dialga’s every heart beat. They are like Jesus Christ or other Gods. There is something I really like. There is one more even above those two. His name is Archeus. The awesome thing about him is that he can telepathically speak to any living life form. It seems to be the most powerful living organism in existence. All of them aren’t my favorite legendary pokemon. The weird thing is that they added a third legendary pokemon next to Palkia and Dialga. Instead of ruling a part of the world, he keeps a dark realm stable. This realm, if you played Pokemon Platinum, you will know that that game is based on this pokemon. In the video game you get a lot of cool effects. You are walking on platforms that are on sky – so you are walking upside down. Everything in a completely different way of being stable. Everything is completely black and there are random platforms floating over the place. Sometimes, gravity completely changes when you jump from one to another. Every platform is like a little earth, pulling you with its gravity. So, lets say there is just one shape like a poster on a wall. It will pull you and you will technically walking on the wall. All the gravity is different. And one to rule it all, the legendary pokemon, Giratina. This pokemon, I have to say, it is like an amazing being. Not like Palki and Dialga are not, they still are. The thing that makes me like Giratina more than the ones that rule our world is one, he has his own dimension to rule over. And he has two completely different forms. With Palkia and Dialga, if you end up fighting with someone extremely powerful, almost powerful enough to stand up against them, it will be confusing to know where you will end up fighting them. Why? you ask? It is because you end up fighting in some kind of weird box dimension. It is like a little realm that they used to watch over. So, for Giratina, you don’t fight in a little box, you just fight him in his own realm, some kind of sacred place.

Technically, I am a pokemon nerd! Also we can get into another thing, called Types. There are so many different types – water, fire, maybe even a ghost type. There are also steel, poison, ice, rock and even a lot more.

This is a very long post and I guess it makes up for the days that I slacked off on. Sorry about that! So I love this. It will be ten million pokeballs out of ten million pokeballs, even though the lab professor gives you an endless supply of pokeballs. See you tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Pokemon

  1. Hi! Your mom shared your blog with an unschooling group on facebook, and I loved this post so very much. My two boys (ages 3.5 & 7) and I are big Pokémon fans, and your descriptions of the legendary Pokémon have helped me see them in such a different light. I’ve shared the post (with your mom’s permission) — thank you for putting your writing out there! I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog. -Jessica in California

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