Goodbye for now…

Now I would say that it isn’t a truly bad thing because I am going to have stop posting on this blog, but you won’t get to see any posts for about eight days. The thing is that I am going on a spring break to Florida if our plane gets out. The first thing we are going to do is to go on a disney cruise and then go to the Kennedy Space Center, and Harry Potter world in Universal Resorts. But, our plane got cancelled today and there is a chance I might not go on the cruise. I was very disappointed but my mom decided to pull off a little extra to cheer me up. If we can’t go on a cruise she is going to get me a video game that I would have had to wait to save up for. So it makes a win-win situation. I know the Disney cruise makes a more win situation than the video game but I cannot hope for any extras that would make up for not missing the cruise.

But my mom says that we could go on the cruise another time if we don’t make it tomorrow because she bought vacation insurance. We will still be going to Orlando however whether or not we make it to the cruise.

I will probably post the next part of the magician’s story if we don’t make the cruise. But if we did, we will be without internet. And so you will have to wait until we are ashore to get the next post. I am sure I will post something about my experience in Florida. So I guess, goodbye for now. See you soon.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye for now…

  1. Have a great time in Florida! Will wait for your postings about the visits to the Kennedy Space Center, Universal Resorts and the cruise.

  2. Cool! Not that you may miss your cruise but cool that your going to Florida. I lived there while I was in college at UCF. My mom and cousins still live in debary which is a bit north of Disney. Funny, I spent so many years there and never went to the space center. I always got to see the shuttle launches from the backyard though; that was cool. What caused your flight to get cancelled? I can’t imagine it was bad weather.

    So what video game will you get? I used to be a big gamer but it’s hard to find the time anymore. My favorite is the Zelda series with Windwaker being my fav of all. Or maybe a Link to the Past. Tough call. Anyway, I hope you get to your cruise. I’ve only been on one but it was alot of fun.

    1. Celeste

      It was pretty fun. I will post about my trip soon.

      I am planning to buy a Dragonball Z game in which you can create your own characters and beat villains to a pulp. But I need about thirty dollars because a videogame store in my town called Orbit sells this game. I have nineteen dollars now and have to save up the rest of the money.Also, I guess windwaker is one of the best zelda games but I never saw much information about the Link to the Past. It must have been one of the old zelda games, but I really don’t know.

      Cool that you got to see the shuttle launches.

      1. Oh yes. A link to the past was for the Super NES. Before your time 😉 One of my good high school friends was really into Dragonball Z. She watched all the shows on cartoon network, I remember. I had no idea that was still around.

        Glad you had a good time on your cruise. I’m jealous. I could totally use a vacation right about now!

  3. I’ve been to the Harry Potter park before.Butter beer tastes awesome so is Ollivanders wands are cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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