Homosapiens, learning, and adaptation – Part 1 – how it all started

Now I am not going to all the way to when life started first on Earth but to the part when the humans first came into existence. It first started as a certain line of monkeys first evolving into prehumans millions of years back. Their bodies became more like ours, their faces became like ours, they mated and made even more offsprings making their species called the homosapiens.Each different species of life forms have their own special ability to survive in the cold, cold world out here. I mean, the world is a difficult place to live in, not a place where you see candies growing on trees. Now, here is the thing. Homosapien’s abilities are very different the abilities of other species. You see, most species use their survival in the world mostly using their physical abilities of strength. Like birds fly, cheetahs run, all with their physical power. Whereas, for us, it is possible for us to become immensely fast or strong and push our limits extremely far. But what is a bit for easier us is our mental abilities. Since the cavemen, they were learning more and more about the world. Fire was discovered, clothes were made, tools were made, and then more and more the humans learned more about the world, they made all kinds of inventions to adapt to the world. Whether it was cold or very hot, they did not use what they learned from the world to help them deal with the world, but it was also their imagination that helped them do it. Their thoughts randomly formed into different kinds of things that we have today. Before we know it, we might have waterproof IPhones. The world changed. Stuff got invented, and the world became a great place to live in. Jobs were made, even the government, it was all created by people and their imagination from adapting to the world and how hard it is to live in if you were just a caveman. Which is why I think unschooling works. Because unschoolers are free to use their imagination and learn about the world. Just like the cavemen who were free to do nothing but still kept on doing creative, imaginative things that would make their existence on this planet easier, safer, productive, and fun.