I am back! – Spring Break 1 – Disney Cruise

Well guys, I am back and back to posting. I know it has been ten days but I actually got back two days ago.

I have to say that the Disney cruise was fun. Here is a link to the boat that we went on.

There were all kinds of things that we could do. Actually, we didn’t get a chance to do everything. But the food and the room service thing was great. Did you know that even a single person out of the 4000 guests complained, the staff got fired? We learned this from our room service waiter who was also from India. There were 1500 crew members to take care of us on the ship. Or if a person complains 1499.

Our stateroom was great. Luckily, it came with a balcony that not many rooms had on the ship.This meant my mom and I could watch the sea easily. One day, we even ate breakfast on our balcony. On the first day, we stopped at Nassau, Bahamas where my mom had signed us up for a dolphin encounter. The dolphin encounter was pretty fun, but not just the best fun on the cruise.

The best time was on the last day when I made friends with a boy and went on the Aqua Duck (which is a water slide that goes three decks and all around the top of the ship) about twelve times. I kept count.

We also a show called “Believe” ….It was a pretty odd show actually.

One activity lasted all three days and was pretty hard. It was some kind of detective thing I signed up for. Basically, there are electronic paintings scattered through all the decks except for Decks 11 through 13. You could do two missions. One, is in which a dalamation puppy was stolen and the other was about a stolen paintings. I did the stolen paintings mission. You had to go similar things in both the missions. Put your badge in front of a painting and the painting will scan it and it will put you in a virtual reality type of thing. Sometimes you need to move the badge to make things happen like a opening a door with a key and pop the balloons by pushing your badge forward. It puts you in a mini game. Either you will receive another clue that you can cross a suspect from your list (all the villains from disney movies) or another painting. If you are doing the puppy mission, another puppy. If you are doing the puppy mission, you will probably receive different clues. On the suspect list, you can find out a lot of information about them. Once you solve the clue, you can cross the suspect that is not guilty from your list. That was a fun thing I did.

The food! It was great! The weird thing was that when I had a burger, the patty was shaped like a loaf of bread barely fitting in the bun at all. I did like a lot of things. I tried different kinds of food. The best Mac n Cheese I have ever tasted in my life, meat loaf that I have never tasted and a whole bunch of things from restaurants that were pretty much five star. Plus, the waiters followed us from restaurant to restaurant. The room service snacks I had were also pretty good. For dinner, I had a steak sandwich and one of my favorites, buffalo wings. Which actually took some time to finish, but was pretty good, especially because it had honey mustard and blu cheese dips.

That was a great cruise I had. The only bad thing was that the sting ray encounter that we were going to do on Disney’s private island was cancelled because of choppy seas. But I was still satisfied. Plus, I am probably going to do a few more posts about the rest of my vacation. I will see you guys soon. Bye, bye!

One thought on “I am back! – Spring Break 1 – Disney Cruise

  1. Viyan, I’ve been looking forward to reading about your adventure, and am glad you’ve shared details. First, I laughed when I realized that your room service waiter trusted you not to test the claim that a complaint would result in firing. Your mom’s smart to reserve a suite with a balcony. Could you smell the sea? I recently walked along the beach of Puget Sound and really enjoyed that scent.

    Twelve times on the Aqua Duck with a buddy is…well…great!

    I trust you figured out who was the painting thief?

    I’ve never heard of waiters following their guests from restaurant to restaurant…are they assigned to specific guests? I can imagine why that is a great idea.

    Time for Part 2…

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