Spring Break – Part 2 – Kennedy Space Center/NASA

After we returned from the cruise, we went to visit the Kennedy Space Center/NASA where they launch spaceships, rockets and real scientists work there. It was quite fun. We took a tour around the facility. We saw all kinds of stuff including a 3D movie about astronauts working in the International Space Station. I saw some cool looking rockets. Here is a picture.

Plus, I got a cool lego set. Some of the sets I have bought are big and kind of hard for me. I was never the best at building legos but I have been getting much better. I completed this one since it is still small and convenient. Now I have to work my way up to harder and harder lego sets.

It is hard to say whether I want to go space, but it seems cool to visit a place that is nothing but a dark, black abyss full of little stars barely lighting it up. But I do believe that there is a very good chance that there may be other life forms, whether they would take the form of what you would think to be aliens like those green skinny creatures with big heads, antennae, and black eyes. You know what I am talking about – the standard alien make up in every human’s mind. Or it could be like the black symbiote from Spiderman 3. But I really want to watch out for is blackholes. I heard about this theory from someone; I am not saying any names; the theory that getting sucked into a blackhole is the worst way to die. I cannot tell if it is true or not. The theory is basically that the blackhole will cause every one of your atoms to explode and you will experience all the pain for about one to three years, until you die. I don’t know if it is true or not. I cannot remember if the guy said if his theory was right or if there was another explanation for it. We will save the rest of the blackhole information for a later post.

But I want to go to Andromeda, the brother of the Milky Way galaxy, the nearest there can. Now I have heard that in a long time from now, probably a billion years after they find out how to find any animate or inanimate object float. And by then, they may have made floating hotels. By then, all of us would probably be dead. Well, at least all of us who are listening to me while I talk right now. What happens in that long time, is that Andromeda will crash into Milky Way. Two things might happen. A, the first thing that I really hope will happen is that the two galaxies will fuse together thus making Milky Meda or Andro Way! B, Something we all don’t want to happen: Both galaxies exploding and getting utterly destroyed and disintegrated thus ending all life on both galaxies. We all know that in both galaxies, we don’t want that. Luckily, that is a long time from now when all of us will be dead. So, we still have our lives to enjoy. Sadly, for the people in the future, they are going to have brace themselves unless they find a way to protect themselves from Andromeda.

Next, I will post my Universal Orlando Resort experience.

2 thoughts on “Spring Break – Part 2 – Kennedy Space Center/NASA

  1. “Androway” that’s clever…since “andro” is Greek for male, then going to Andromeda is man’s way…where will the women explore? Anyway, black holes are cool, but i don’t think one would suffer for three years if sucked into a black hole at the speed of light…basically, since gravity becomes greater the closer one gets, one would be compressed to a microdot, and might even fly on through to the inverse universe, where time goes backwards, and atoms have negative nuclei with positrons orbiting them.

    Did you get a rocket lego set? I visited NASA when I was 12 and was amazed how big the Saturn 5 is. I made a model, the kind with glue and decals. Lego is better because you can redesign things.

    Great photo of the dolphin hug…


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