Spring Break – Final Part – Harry Potter World

This is the first time I have gone to Harry Potter World. But I really hope I can go again. This is probably the closest I could get to the real Harry Potter World. Until it gets closer, I would like to come back here again.

Now first of all, I am going to note that Order of the Phoenix or the Deathly Hallows Part 2 are my favorite movies of the franchise. I first found out about HP, when I was only four or five, I am thinking it is five. And, I was visiting my cousins in Australia, Melbourne to be exact. My cousin were eight and they were watching HP and I was just watching them watch it. What made it so wierd was that my cousins thought that the first movie was called just plain Harry Potter and the second movie was called the Sorcerer’s Stone. Which is pretty funny, when you think about it. Clearly, the Sorcerer’s Stone was the first one and the Chamber of Secrets was the second.

Then my mom and I read some of the books and my mom organized a HP theme party for my sixth birthday. Then I became clumsy and read them out of order. I watched all the movies in order. For some reason, I never understand movies as much as books. The books always told me the stories more clearly than the movie.  When I first watched the movies without reading all the books, I didn’t really understand the plot as much. Finally, after watching them quite a few times, I actually understood them. And was actually extremely psyched to watch the new movies. Now, about my trip.

The first thing I would like to note. Here is what I am telling you. I am not doing everything I did in order. Just from one thing to another until I get to my most favorite.  We ate breakfast at the Three Broomsticks restaurant and tried butter beer. Even though it is the least favorite on my list, I still loved it quite a bit.  The breakfast was part of the package because we stayed at the Universal Resorts.

Then we went to the Hippogriff flight. It was a very good ride and had the roller coaster ‘scare to the heart’ kind of feeling. Really, what I mean by this is that it scares your heart in a good way. The only possible issue is that it puts it on the second item on this list is that it was way too short. But other than that, it was a very good experience. And I really felt that nice roller coaster feeling on it.

The next is the wand. We went to Olivander’s Wand store for me to pick out a wand. But to make it more realistic, they made it so you get a random one. I was hoping for a straight one without a bend and indeed, I did get a straight one. What made it so realistic is that you choose it based on your date of birth. And you wouldn’t believe it, there were millions of wands in the same exact box that you saw the phoenix wand and all the others stashed in a store. So it wasn’t just a bunch of wands sitting in there, but they were all in boxes that were from the movies. What makes it even more cool is that each one had their own name. It must have taken years to prepare this part of the Harry Potter World. So that was one of my favorite things.

Here is a note: There were a few things that I didn’t do. Some things I didn’t have time to do. Some I couldn’t get to fast enough. Here is the first thing: the Dragon Challenge. The reason I didn’t get to it was because I didn’t want to get to it. It seemed too terrifying for me. So I decided not to go on it this time but maybe the next time. The next is that I completely missed out on: the candy store! Now I know it is not like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory come to life. But, things were different. They had unique flavors that didn’t make sense at all. Actually I was scared to eat them. For instance, would  you eat  a booger flavored jelly bean? There is more of a chance you wouldn’t. But there just might be a chance that you would. But I didn’t. As many as unique sweets were there to try out and enjoy, I sadly couldn’t eat a single one of them because we missed it the first time around and then didn’t have the time to stop by.

And now for the highlight of it, my favorite of all: Harry Potter, the Forbidden Journey! Believe me, this is probably going to be a very long thing to review. We went on it three times. Totally worth it, though! The first thing that you will notice is that you would be  sitting in a protected seat because it is a simulated ride.  If it was a pure simulation, then we wouldn’t need a belt thing. After you  get into the seats, strapped down your seatbelt thingamajig, you would see  a screen where Heminone appears and throws some dust on you. Before you know it, you will hear Harry and Ron’s voices and you will be flying. Then you are in a the simulation part, where you will go through a chimney and it looks way too realistic to be a simulation. And you realize that you really feel yourself going, which would make you feel as if you are really going to another place. Also, since the screen is moving with you, it may be a bit obvious unless you are overcome with the awesomeness of the ride, like my mom and I were. Pretty sure you are going somewhere past the simulation. Indeed, it was. You end up going up in the sky, flying over Hogwarts, apparently on a broomstick. Then, you realize that Harry and Ron are flying with you.

After that, you see Hagrid on a balcony, warning you about a dragon. Before you know it, a dragon will come and try attacking you, Harry, and Ron.This is the non simulated part, by which I mean, there is no screen in front of you, but a real 3D object comes towards you.  Then you find yourself in some place like an abandoned warehouse, completely broken up by the dragon and also some fire. Then you see the dragon face poking his giant head into your face and then he blows some steam at you that is really hot and like red smoke. After that you end up going to simulation (screen) part. Then you end up in a forest, which isn’t a screen. You see everything in 3D and you are not wearing the glasses. There are all the spiders that you would recognize from the Chamber of Secrets. Then, you meet up with Hagrid’s old buddy, the giant spider, which is just as big as a Toyota. And after that you see another screen of Hermione warning to get out of the forest since it is not safe. Even though I describe this completely, so you will know what to expect, just enjoy the fun. Sadly, this blog post will be jammed in your memory. So if you don’t want to know the part about the dementers, you should stop reading right now. Dang, I just gave it away! Anyway, I am going to stop now.

We are outside the Forbidden Journey for the third time. I wore the T Shirt that we bought at the Harry Potter Exhibition Premiere in Chicago, where we went with our friends Tracey, and Karen.

Finally, to top it all off, we stayed at the coolest resort.

It had the best pool and a pool side restaurant where we got a big plate of nachos, cookies and cream ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. This icecream was the whole reason we came to this place…..I am just kidding! But here is my picture in the pool!

2 thoughts on “Spring Break – Final Part – Harry Potter World

  1. HP World sounds like a fantastic place, especially the wand store. I’m not too excited about the spiders though. One of my brothers lives in Orlando so I may be able to check it out the next time I visit him. Thanks for sharing the details of your trip. Look forward to seeing you in Boston in August.

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