Magician’s Story – Part 10

I was caught completely off guard but after I regained focus after being hit by that rock, I was sure that I was ready for anything. I was waiting to see if I could use any counterattack spells and create a strategy. Then I quickly lunged at him and as planned, he was put in complete defense to take whatever I was going to throw at him. So what I did was I calculated the distance and trajectory of my spell and then I moved to the side and used some kind of a spell that was just a boomerang set on fire for some reason. I threw it to the side and as planned, he was caught offguard and blown with some powerful damage. When  he got up, he quickly attacked me by using a meteor spell. For me it was almost impossible to dodge or block. Suddenly, an idea struck me.

He was completely sure that he would win. So all I had to do was to intercept it and cause him extreme damage. I realized that both of us had forgotten that I could intercept it. I used a magic potion to make my power twice as powerful as normal and charged up an energy beam spell. When I shot it, the meteor was so close that I could actually feel the heat from it. When the boy remembered that I could intercept it, he forced the meteor quickly to me. Then it was a struggle to finish – who could force it back faster. I was thinking about how I was going to defeat this guy. He doesn’t seem to have any weakness of some sort. It was going to be extremely hard to get to him. But then, I realized something. The spell struggle was getting even stronger. Yet the meteor was getting weaker and forced at me. So my thought was, “if I could just keep it away from me long enough, I can make my move and shoot with all power”. But it was getting hard. He seemed to have more stamina than I thought. I tried to concentrate. But it was getting really hard. Just when I thought it was over, I saw something.

He was going with all his power. I thought he was using his power bit by bit but he was using all of it to force the meteor towards me. So I just decided to forget about trying to lower his stamina. I just needed to use more power on him. He was just a kid. So I kept on pressuring him by using more and more power. Eventually even his stamina was getting weaker. It gave me two advantages. The first advantage is that if he cannot hold my power for so long, that means he has less stamina than I do.The second advantage is that I was only using three quarters of my power. Just when his stamina was down and his guard was lowered, I shot with all my might and he was blown to bits. Not literally, that would be a bit violent. Once he was down, he had no choice but to pay up. There he goes all his allowance that he ever made in his life. Guess it would take another five years to make up for that.

We spent part of the money on our dinner. Strangely, our money was only depleted to ninety eight coins. Sornow suggested something. I was not sure if I wanted to consider it or not. He suggested that we take some lessons on how to become a sorcerer. Also becoming sorcerers so we didn’t need to use our wands. It was a good idea but it would take a long time. The reason I was worried about this was the assassins and the man in the dark black cloak were closing in on us and would eventually find us. But we decided to do it. At that point, our lives changed so much.