Raging Blast 1 and 2 – A Comparison

As you can see from the title, there is a Raging Blast 1 and Raging Blast 2. Sorry I won’t be reviewing the first game. I have played both the games but traded in the first game at the local game store.

But there are a lot of changes in the second game compared to the first. The first thing I have actually noticed is that the graphics are a lot better. For me, they are nice to look at and I just like to see my favorite characters launching in attack. It really is easy on the eyes.

The second thing is the characters. They have added many more characters to the second game. Way too many, actually! Just when you think you have unlocked all the characters in the first game, there are twenty more characters to go. What is awesome about it is that each character has their own unique move set and fighting style. There are about forty characters with you can fight. And the characters themselves, well, even though they have their own unique set of super attacks, there is still a bit of a flaw. Sometimes when you are using a character adjusting to it can be kind of hard. You need to memorize which button does which super attack. So, I guess when I first got my favorite character unlocked, it was kind of hard to adjust to it, because I didn’t know what it could actually do and how to do the moves. But, luckily, there is a mode where you can unlock more moves and make a custom set of super attacks for your favorite character. So you can adjust to it nice and well. My favorite character is Ultimate Gohan.

Then, the modes. Now, compared to the first game, the second game has less number of modes. But the only thing that is really bad about this is that the fact that it doesn’t have a story mode. Basically, in a story mode, you go on fighting through the story itself.  If you have watched the show, you will know what to expect and you will be living the show through the video game. And personally, I really like it. But since they removed it in Raging Blast 2, I don’t seem to mind it too much. Because even though I like the story mode, I am not the biggest fan of that mode. It is the fact that you really don’t actually get to do whatever you want. I think in a later game, they will probably make it so where you can devise your own story, which I think I would like a lot.

The next is the fact that the story mode has been replaced by another mode called galaxy mode. Wow, I have said the word ‘mode’ a lot through this post. And I think knowing some of you, you are probably going to count how many times going through this. Galaxy mode is in which you go through a bunch of random fights with the character you choose. The only thing with it is that you don’t fight through their story. You just do random fights until you get to the boss stage which is the stage that will make you complete the story. Even though there will be other fights for you to do. Because if you have done a few other characters’ battles, they will probably open up a secret stage in your character’s story.

Now, here is how you unlock characters. When you complete one character on the galaxy mode by beating their boss stage, if you are beating a certain character’s stages, you will unlock another character. But this only works with certain characters. So there is no telling to who you will unlock next. Note: It is usually the boss stages that actually are from the character’s story from the show.

Next is the audio. And this is great. Raging Blast 2 has a decent soundtrack. I still like the soundtrack from the first game a bit better. But where this comes out great is the amount of dialogue. Basically, when you start a battle, you will hear the character talk with the other characters, if you are using the right ones. What makes it so cool is not just they do special quotes at the start of the battle, but there are so many different dialogues when you match up certain characters. Only some characters matched up will use their initial dialogue that they will say whenever they fight a battle that they have never fought before or they will never fight in the future.

While in battle, you can enter a stage of form called Raging Soul. Raging Soul was not in the Raging Blast 1. It is a new feature added to the game. This is an opposite of high tension. High tension gives you automatically plenty of energy to use as many super attacks as you well please. Also, high tension is the only way you can use the Ultimate Attack. But if you don’t get enough keys/energy to get into that form, you won’t end up using your ultimate, since it can only be used in high tension. So Raging Soul is basically the opposite of that. You cannot use any super attacks or the ultimates. But, it will allow you to do many more combos and when you use physical damage, you will realize that your power has increased more than normal.

So, all in all, I will give the first, Wait!, there is still one thing I haven’t mentioned. That is, in the first game, you could actually cancel out your enemy’s combo. But that has been replaced by follow-ups in Raging Blast 2. Followups are basically once you are doing one combo, you see, it is really impressive that there are so many different ways in which you can do combo. There are so many moves that each character knows. Since it is just part of the physical damage. What makes it awesome is that each character has its own animation for each move. Every single character has their own animated moves. So what I was saying is that for follow-ups you can use one of the moves and then follow up with another one and just keep on following up and getting really big and doing some real big damage. So once you learn some new moves,you can keep on using them over and over to put together a bunch of sets of different attacks.

For the Raging Blast, I would give it a 7 out of 10. And I will give Raging Blast 2 8.5 out of 10.

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