Sonic Games


Sonic the hedgehog was a game released for the Sega Genesis.  Sonic the hedgehog is a blue hedgehog with spiky hair at the back of his head which he uses as a weapon by curling up into a ball and either rolling his way to pick up speed or use his homing dash, in which he locks on to the enemy and instantly hit it. Sonic can go up to Mach speed and easily reach Mach 5 speeds. The highest speed that he can go is still unknown but it makes him pretty awesome.

It was originally a side scrolling game and spawned many sequels with newer and newer characters. But after four or five years passed, it moved into 3D. It is basically a first person game except you can see the body that you are playing as. And there were the 3D games like Sonic Unleashed and the new game that is currently the newest, Sonic Generations. My friend Stephen told me that they are working on a new sonic game. But some people still like the side scrolling game and really would like it better than the 3D ones. And I am not sure if that is why they made the new game I am about to mention, but you never know. The then new game, Sonic Rush.

At this time, Sonic Rush isn’t new at all. It is indeed pretty old. But here is why it is like the old games. It is side scrolling game just with more contemporary graphics. And they have added more controls to the game. Even though the side scrolling games were great and fun, the 3D games are also enjoyable. Each one has a different storyline with new things that a player can do. I mean, take Sonic Colors or Sonic and the Black Knight. In Sonic Colors, even though you don’t get more abilities, the rest of the stuff you go through is unique and are not found in any other Sonic game. Then, Sonic and the Black Knight. In this, you get a completely new ability. Instead of curling up into a spiked ball and bashing your way through everything, you now use a talking sword to slash your way through everything, while running at extremely fast speeds.

There was also a DS game version of Sonic Colors, which was a lot like Sonic Rush. It was a side-scrolling one.  I have never actually played the game but I am sure it is different from Sonic Rush and the game I have, Sonic Rush’s sequel: Sonic Rush Adventure. I said, Sonic Rush a lot of times. I apologize for that.

But here is the thing that got me into Sonic the Hedgehog in the first place: Shadow the Hedgehog.


Shadow’s story is quite touching. He was made by Dr. Robotnik, as a living weapon. But at this time, Shadow developed a friendship with a girl named Maria Robotnik. I cannot remember if Maria was Dr. Robtonik’s daughter or a certain relative, but if you know, please mention it in the comments. So at the time, tragedy struck and after a certain thing happened, Maria was killed and Shadow was forced to escape through an escape pod since they were in space. After being sealed, Sonic discovered him. As an evil living weapon from the tragedy. After some time, he became a good guy. But he sacrificed himself and ended up crashing through the earth all the way from the space. Almost from the moon but not as much. After some time, Shadow awakened after having amnesia. That started the video game, Shadow the Hedgehog. A game that  I am not going to get until I am older. Because Shadow’s main weapon is either a machine gun or a giant blaster from the alien. Shadow the hedgehog was the whole reason I got into the Sonic games. He is my favorite character and I like him a lot. I wish I had an action figure of him.

On his way, he was actually sealed by Dr. Eggman Robotnik, the main villain of every sonic game. And actually made robot clones of Shadow. There is a character the Rouge the Bat. She goes around sneaking into random places and collecting jewels for her collection. She gets Shadow out. I am not too sure if it was accidental or not. This story was in the game Sonic Heroes, which I am not very familiar with. So the same thing. If you know, please say that in your comments. After forming an alliance, they run into a giant death robot named Omega. I am not sure what the story is, as far as I know, Omega was rebelling against the Eggman. And eventually, they became what is called Team Dark: Shadow, Rouge and Omega.

Now to go to the sound track. Every sonic game is nice and fun and has really nice sound tracks. Nice theme songs, good side music. For instance, the music Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2. Or one of my personal favorites, All hail Shadow. Currently, I cannot play that on my guitar. First, I need to learn something simpler like Dreams of an Absolution, in other words, Silver’s theme song.

Silver the hedgehog is white hedgehog who is basically a psychic. He can move objects with his mind, like the Jedi. He also has a few other abilities, not to mention, flying for a limited period of time. His story is basically with his sidekick, Blaze the cat. And just to make it brief, he is a psychic flying smart hedgehog from the future. So yeah, he is from the future, many years into the future. The whole world is being destroyed by a fire spirit named Iblis. After meeting a character called Mephiles, weird, he looks just like Shadow. He told Silver that Sonic was the character that triggered Iblis and that started into this never ending spiral of fire and death. Literally!

After going back into the past, he encountered Sonic and after defeating him once and other things happened, after meeting Shadow, he took him back further into the past, using Chaos Emerald. There are seven of them and they each hold a magical power. Shadow was made to use their power. All of Shadow’s attacks are based off of Chaos Energy. But once you get all seven of them, you better hope that you are a hedgehog. Then, you will go into a super form, like Super Sonic. He has extreme energy powers and can fly around with even more speed than he could ever get up to in his normal form.Or like Super Shadow, he has endless chaos energy and can obliterate everything in his sight. Or like Super Silver, you get the drill. He can pick up whole cities if he wants to and more strength and stamina than ever.

But as invincible as these characters, the super form can only last for about five minutes. And in most of the games, besides Sonic and the Black Knight, lets just say, Sonic Adventure 2, you start the final boss as the super form. Back to Silver’s story. He found out that Iblis was a tiny candle that actually kept as a life source for a princess, whose name I can’t remember. The flame gets powerful and burns out and leaves a black goo like the Black Symbiote from Spider man 3. That was Mephiles. Mephiles met up with Shadow and ended up taking Shadow’s form. That is why he looks just like Shadow. And that is pretty much it.

So, really, I like all of the games and the stories. They are fun to read and listen to and play. See you soon!

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