Kashmir – Part 1 – Srinagar

Throughout this trip, I never knew what was coming next. But each part that came, all I did was brace myself. This vacation was not the best that I ever had. But at least, I still enjoyed it.

I went to an old fort that was interesting but I prefer Minecraft because you actually get to build the whole thing, put up torches and all. And it takes just as much time because you need to gather every single resource since your start from absolutely nothing. But I did get an idea from the fort I visited to copy it on Minecraft.

We went to a bunch of gardens.

It got a bit boring and I really started to hate it. Even though I like gardens. Since every garden looked the same.  Then, my favorite part came. I was playing with my cousin Shreyas and he accidentally pushed me and I bumped into a lady. I got criticized for it. If you think that is bad, you do not how to laugh at yourself. She was swearing at me in Hindi or Telugu or some other random language that I don’t know a single word of. After all that, we played Catch and Catch with water balloons in one of the gardens. I had a pretty good time, especially seeing the same cousin that pushed me get the balloon popped on his face just when he was about to catch it. That was a good time.

I liked the boat ride on Dal lake. We saw a beautiful sunset on our boat ride.

We all dressed up in tribal costumes and took pictures. But I didn’t want to post that picture but here it is (with some of my cousins).

PS: But the worst part of the trip was the ride to Srinagar itself. Nearly every kid threw up. That was not pleasant.

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