Coming home

I am back home. It was just yesterday when I got my first day back home. Now I am starting my second day waiting for my dogs Weaver and Copper. The part that felt weird was that as I was leaving India, I felt like I really wanted to go home but I didn’t really want to leave. My mom said, “Welcome to immigrant life”. I miss my family and friends back in India.

After I finally came back, I felt that I was missing India but I am happy to be back home too. Once I came back, I barely could feel anything, because I was very sleepy. I fell asleep faster than ever before. I just plopped on the bed, closed my eyes and fell asleep. After that it was all a blank.

On the second morning that I am experiencing right now, I am starting to eat breakfast. Nothing very interesting up to this point. Sorry about it. But on the other hand, I got a new computer game that I will review soon. Also the special review of 39 Clues Book series will also continue. And the rest of the posts on India. So I am going to have a busy next weeks.

But until the next post, see ya!

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