Kashmir – Part 2


As part of our vacation, we went to two glacier areas: Gulamarg and Sonemarg.

To get to the top in both places, we went horseback riding and encountered a lot of horsepoop. 😛 I had one of my favorite sled rides in Sonemarg. Then we went to get something called Maggi noodles. At least most of you will probably know what it is.


But I felt a little messy and sloppy once we got back.

On the way to the glacier, we encountered the Indus River, on the banks of which originated one of the oldest civilizations in the world.



I am really sorry that I haven’t posted much recently. But since I got back from India not too long ago, I got used to not posting as frequently as I used to. But not only was Kashmir fun, I really enjoyed Chennai too.

2 thoughts on “Kashmir – Part 2

  1. Very interesting post. It was not Indus that you met. It originates from Machoi, the glacier you visited and known as Sindhu. I checked up. This was not the one which starts from Tibet, and goes to Pakistan via Ladakh.

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