Minecraft – Game Review

During my vacation, I got a lot of money from my family members. So I spent some of it on what I am reviewing at this point, which is Minecraft.

This game about mining and crafting. The game is made of  that you use to build various things. Everything is made of blocks, even you. There are three modes: creative, hardcore, and the main mode (survival).

The first is creative, where the game starts off. You can destroy any block in a second and place any kind of block you like. You have everything at your disposal. Even ways to spawn different animals if you like. You can pretty much do anything and that includes flying.

Then, the survival mode. The reason I am talking about survival mode is that it is similar to hardcore. In survival mode, you start off with nothing when it is just the morning of the day. Your basic objective is to get resources and that includes sand, ground, but mostly wood and coal.

Note: you don’t really need sand or ground but they are just extra resources for if you run out of wood for your house.

Now, the reason you need these resources is so you can make a shelter. Now you don’t need to build a big house or anything just a small shelter for a hide-out. Why do you need to do that? Because, when it becomes dark, bad things like monsters come out. Different types of monsters. The whole world transforms from the beautiful world of ground, sea, and desert into a giant death zone of ground, sea, and desert.

You literally find different monsters everywhere. You see skeletons trying to shove arrows through your chest with their bows; spiders with quicker agility trying to eat you for a meal; and zombies to just plain punch you to death. Not to mention the creative enemy that doesn’t exist in someone else’s imagination besides the maker of the game, creepers; literal walking green things with weird faces and when they walk up to you, they start a hissing noise and before you know it, you are being sucked into a massive explosion. So pretty much, a creeper is a living bomb that gets sets off whenever it sees a human. The worst problem about a creeper is that it doesn’t get killed in day time. Well, if you are looking at it, they just seem to disappear whenever you are not with them. I will post an image of a creeper.







There are a few other enemies to talk about but probably later. The next thing you move onto is when you are done with the shelter. Then you expand it. You make it a beautiful house, add a fake toilet if you want. Plus, you can also a bed which allows you to make it instantly morning if it is night time. But it won’t’ allow you to sleep when it is daytime. Or if there are monsters nearby. So you need to go out of your way outside and slay them. Then you get a restful sleep reward.

You may expand your home more and even more, spent so much time on it that you made it into a castle. You need wool from sheep to make the bed.  The reason you need coal is because you need to make torches. Torches light up the dark and monsters won’t appear where there is light. If you have torches in your house, there is no chance that monsters will come into your house because they cannot survive in light.

Then you start mining.

With the wood, you can craft tools and weapons. The only weapon you can craft at that point is a wooden sword – weak, doesn’t do much damage compared to your bare fist but a little more than that. You can make many tools like a hoe, an axe, and a shovel. The main tool, a pickaxe. You can use it to mine deep. The reason you need the wooden pickaxe is not to mine underground searching for valuables. You need stone to upgrade all your tools to a higher form, which means, no more wood that barely lasts.

Not to mention, every tool has a bar or meter that determines how long it lasts until it wears out and disappears into thin air. The wooden tools disappear the fastest. The stone ones are normal tools. They wear out in a reasonable amount of time. Then, if you get a lot of string (you can get those from spiders by slaying them) and have a lot of wooden sticks, you can make a bow which also has a green bar which will let you know when it will wear out. You also need to make arrows to shoot. This is what I  mean by other forms of weaponry.

Then, when you mine down with your stone tools, you will find iron ore. Once you mine as much of it as you can, you craft a furnace and you can use coal or wood to burn stuff. That includes meat from animals. Because you need it to restore your health and your hunger bar/meter. If the hunger bar goes down into a zero, your health will decline every second and you will starve to death.

So, after you find iron and then you will find red stone, which is basically the mine craft form of electricity. It takes the form of a gem, which are not rubies but is called red stones. You can use red stone to craft machines that require electricity. So lets say there is a dispenser, which is used to dispense things. Or just used as a security system to shoot arrows. Lets say there is a lever a few inches in front of you. And there is a dispenser a few inches behind you. Now, to make this work, you need to use redstone wire to connect it to and once you put something in the dispenser and pull the lever, the redstone wire connects, it will dispense out whatever you fill it.

Then you find an object even more valuable, gold ore. You can’t use this for money or anything but even though it doesn’t make sense since gold is heavy and can break easily, it still is the higher form of weaponry and tools than iron. The new thing introduced at this time is armor. You can craft armor using iron and gold. Armor raises defense, which means when you take falling damage, get set on fire, or attacked by a monster, you will take less damage than you normally would.

Now, the rarest object, which can only be found in deep underground, diamonds. And, by deep, it doesn’t mean there is no end of how deep you go, but you will at some point end up finding a bed rock surface. Bedrock in the end of the underground. There is no way to break it. It is impossible. If you hack into the game and break it, you will fall into an endless abyss, the screen will turn black, and the game will crash. Because there is no actual programming below bedrock. There is only one way to mine diamond. You can only use an iron or a diamond pickaxe. Not gold!Once mined, you don’t need to burn it like iron or gold. But it introduces the highest form of tool, weapon, and armor. It is very, very hard to find. Once crafted, a diamond sword, it only takes two hits to kill an enemy with normal health.

There are  different versions. The most current version is  Beta 1.9. You can message me if I am wrong. I think the game is great. I love it a lot. It is challenging and fun. Once you are finally done with the game, you have built everything you can and gotten all the resources possible, then, you do the final quest of the game. First, you need to mine fine diamonds and get a diamond pickaxe, because it is the only that can mine obsidian, which is basically when water hardens lava and turns into solid. First you don’t craft obsidian but you must build using it. You need to build two columns  eight blocks high,  at least four blocks away from each other. Then you connect the two columns and then you light the inside with flint and steel thereby creating a portal to the Nether, which is basically hell.  It is full of zombie pigmen and gas. I will talk about these two enemies later.

What you really need to do is to slay the enemy called the Blaze and get their blaze rods which they drop once you kill them. You can turn into blaze powder. But before all of this, you need to get the enderpearls, which you get from, in my case, one of the most dangerous enemies of the game, the Enderman. They will not hurt you unless you look at them and then look away. If you make eye contact with an Enderman, they will open their mouths and freeze. When you look away, they will charge at you. Every time you hit them, they will teleport to an unknown area and charge back at you. Here is an image.

And once you get them, you make the Eye of Ender. You fuse the blaze powder and the enderpearls. But you need more than twelve of them. Then you will need to locate a stronghold that belongs to the Enderman. And, once you find a portal, there are a bunch of holes around them. You will need to put all the twelve eyes of enders in that place and the portal will turn black. You enter the End filled with nothing but blackness and a landscape of strange stones. And that is filled with millions of Endermen just walking around. Then you face the Ender……

If you want to fill in the blank above, find out what you are going to face by playing the game yourself.  Now you are done with the game and it will put you back in your house. You delete the game, open a new file, and start Survival all over again to witness the fun once again. Even if you are an expert with Minecraft, you will see plenty of fun. Or you can also download something called Skyblock, just a small island in the sky. You need to expand it. Below is just a plain blue abyss. Which will start up a whole new journey in playing the game. Or you can download Mods which are basically trials made by other players that require different things like figuring out puzzles, trying to survive your way through tunnels filled with monsters. Or you can play Multiplayer Mode with other people online.

If you just want to play survival but it is too boring for you, then you play hardcore mode. This mode is exactly but survival. The day is shorter, night lasts longer. It is harder to find resources. You take more damage than in survival model. And, the monsters are extremely strong, defensive and have a lot health. I haven’t played this mode yet because I am not finished with the normal survival mode. I haven’t even gotten anywhere near the diamonds. I cannot mine obsidian and get to the nether. Plus it is a little scary to fight against the Enderman. I will just have to wait until I get the courage to get the Enderpearls and finally find diamonds. That is it for this post. See ya!