Kashmir – Part 3 – Pehalgam

Pehalgam was all about cricket and cricket bat factories.

I don’t know much about cricket – except how to play. I don’t know the rules though. For bowling, I know that I have to throw the ball at the batter, and if he hits it and a fielder catches it, he is out. And, if the fielder just gets it and throws it to me. If you are batting, you just have to hit and run and keep on running back and forth and back and forth. For fielding, it is obvious, you need to get the ball when somebody hits it. But my family played a lot of cricket in the backyard of the cottage we stayed in. So in some way, I am a disgrace to the family! Just kidding!

We also went to a cricket bat factory where one of my uncles got me a baseball bat. But I don’t play baseball either. So I just use it as a toy. And sometimes run with it, pretending I am a ninja.

It was a fun stay because I got to spend a lot of time hanging out and playing with my cousins. The place had a beautiful view too.

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