India Trip – Last Part – Chennai

As the title implies, this will be my final post on India for this trip. Honestly, Chennai was great. I had a lot of fun with my friends and family. Here are the highlights of the trip

Swimming with cousins

We went to a toystore and my auntie got me a Captain America figure from the Avengers movie.

Watching the Avengers movie with my family in the theater was my birthday special thing. You wouldn’t expect that in a US theater. Watching in India is a different experience. Whenever a main character or at least a character makes an appearance, the first thing you hear is screaming, cheering, and whistling.

In Chennai, I also turned 10.

But it was kind of a disaster because I was jet lagged. At a really fancy restaurant, I got leg cramps and cried for an hour. So basically I cried my way to sleep that night.

But at least I got to watch the Avengers movie as I wanted to. And I also had a fake birthday in Houghton before we left for India when my mom gave me the presents I wanted. The action figure that I thought was an action figure was a collectible. The other stuff was pretty good. I got the Legend of Zelda graphic novel collection, zombie laboratory for making candy, and a new book of Big Nate and a book on backyard ballistics. If you don’t know what it is, neither did I when I first started. What is obvious is that you build ballistic missile toys in your backyard.

I also went to a cricket match live. It was a fun experience. My entire family wore team jerseys supporting the local team Chennai Super Kings and got face painted with team colors. I had no idea what was happening but heard people cheering and in time I got bored, fell asleep for a time, and cheered with my family.I don’t know much about the score system, so it was kind of hard for me to get pumped for who was going to win. But unfortunately, our team lost.

I also got a haircut. I don’t feel like posting any images. Sorry about that.

I will say one thing. I only had actual flaw with the rest of my normal time in chennai. Instead of having special occasions like watching a movie, watching a cricket match etc. I am not naming any names but one of friends there has become really immature, yells, tries to impress me by bragging about himself. The first time I realized that was when he started to yell about him eating really spicy chili pizza. I didn’t really care whether he did or not.

Other than that, I enjoyed my trip to India as usual.

Good bye, people of the Earth or at least people that read my blog.

See ya!

7 thoughts on “India Trip – Last Part – Chennai

  1. I think your new hair cut is great! Love the books you got as well. Best of all I loved hearing about your time with family. Those are the really great moments to be remembered, even the relations that are a little harder to appreciate! Thank you for sharing!

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