Tales of Symphonia – Dawn of the New World

//ws-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&OneJS=1&Operation=GetAdHtml&MarketPlace=US&source=ac&ref=tf_til&ad_type=product_link&tracking_id=thewholworlis-20&marketplace=amazon&region=US&placement=B0015HZLVK&asins=B0015HZLVK&linkId=VPQ6Q2AK25ZF46PX&show_border=true&link_opens_in_new_window=true” target=”_blank”>Tales of Symphonia – Dawn of the New World is the sequel to the first Tales of Symphonia, specifically made for game cube and for the PS2. This sequel was made for the Wii. So I thought I should buy it. Basically, the story starts off giving you an introduction to the storyline of the last game. Apparently, there were two worlds that were brought together in the last game to stop a giant chaos that was happening in both of them. It was not helping. The worlds were going out of whack. Deserts were getting covered with snow, glaciers melted into the sea, forests randomly combusted and turned into ash.

No, not that ash.

If any of you get that reference, that means you remember the show.

And for some odd reason, the main character Emile is thought to be responsible for all this crime. Just because he has a grudge against everyone’s favorite character from the first game Tales of Symphonia. So, after a long time of being harassed, he gets caught up in a dried up lake where a monster attacks him. And, the monster is quickly ambushed by a young maiden named Marta. Who also happens to your second player. After going through a bit of twist and games of power, you get engulfed in the power of the Lord of all monsters, or the Demon Lord. Well, he seems to be a little bit of both of the two.  And, also with a costume change and a better weapon, you gain anger management issues. And whenever you enter a battlefield, your only thought in your mind is, “If it moves, kill it!” So, you basically find more and more about the game and this demon lord/lord of all monsters has a bunch of weak knights called Centurions.

Each centurion holds an element and controls that particular elemental monster. And you need to hatch the centurions to awaken them from a deep, dark sleep. Only two of them are conscious. One is the centurion of darkness happens to be your companion allows you to make pacts with monsters. Which is like the Pokemon concept. If you are strong enough, it will join your crew. And after reaching a certain level, or being given a certain item, it will evolve. The other is the Centurion Aqua who is actually not accepting her duties of control, and not doing her duties as the Centurion and instead teaming up with the main villain. You probably know what that means. Most of the disasters you face will include water. But each town you go to, wherever the centurion’s core is, it will be affecting that particular road. The Centurion, Ventis of Wind is sealed under the town of Azgard and releases a strong powerful wind that can take down houses. And also, other things will happen. Like the Centurion Sleep will have uncontrolled power and reverse the elements, like turning fire into snow. After you finally gotten all of them done, and everything you need to, meeting up with and teaming up with almost all the characters from the last game, you need to go into this hell area, which isn’t really like what you would think it would be. It looks more like a star ship, with two firey beams on the left and the right sides. In the middle, a bunch of holes where you put the centurions’ cores. And basically put the world back into order and awakening the Demon Lord/you know what I mean. So, after a few plot twists, you will do your final battles and give yourself the good ending to the game.

Throughout the game, Marta is infatuated with Emile and basically falls in love with him. And, you have the option of seeing some private conversations in their life by pressing the C button whenever it pops up. And unlike the first game, there is voice acting. And, actually a lot of voice acting. There is barely any character that doesn’t voice act. Even the ones that make one appearance have voices.

Overall, the animation is great. Now, I get into combat. It is pretty much Super Smash Bros. Brawl, except that you automatically attack. For combo, you keep smashing A and for a brawl, you keep on smashing 2. To do a special attack, you need to do Up 1, Down 1, or Side 1 or plain 1. For Tales of Symphonia, you do all of that except you replace it with B. You can also hold down Z to guard and since it is not like a turn based RPG, you can actually dodge attacks in ways as you please by running around freely by using the nunchuk while holding down Z. This is a wii game, so it shouldn’t be grab hold of the rules.

I love this game. It is a live action RPG game and there is a lot to it. You can customize the team. You can also set your special attacks to any of the special controls in your game. So, it is very good. I am going to give it a 10 out of 10 centurion cores.

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