American Revolution and Minecraft

If you haven’t guessed by now, this post is about American Revolution. I have been watching episodes of a documentary on the American Revolution. We have been watching it in preparation for our trip to Boston, which will be in four days.

My reaction is “how is this real life?” Because, it was like in one of the best movies of all time. There were tragedies, intrigues, and suspense. The characters were interesting in their own little strange ways. But they also have their share of sexism and racism. None of the characters were purely black or white, good or bad.

Just a little improvement for the documentary. They should have introduced George Washington in the first episode itself. Although he wasn’t really the main character at first, they could have at least made the first episode shorter or faster. When Ben Franklin was in London, they kept on repeating that he was in his element. After a while, I started to see it coming ¬†and just waited till they moved on to the next subject. But this isn’t the main subject of my post. I am talking about Benedict Arnold and how I could understand his story on minecraft terms.

I couldn’t understand how Arnold turned a traitor from being a patriot and how Washington let Arnold down. Arnold risked his life as a patriot and a warrior and did quite a bit for his country. But just when he was going to be taken as a hero for doing such a thing, his glory was stolen by Ethan Allen, the frontiersman. And then another time, when he won the Saratoga war, his glory was stolen once again by General Gates, the General of the North Squadron of the Continental Army. Then Arnold got appointed as the governor of Philadelphia by George Washington. But the Pennsylvania governor Reed wanted control over Philadelphia. He accused Benedict Arnold of a lot of bad things. Then he basically blackmailed Washington saying that he will take away all support from Pennsylvania if Washington doesn’t get rid of Arnold. So, Arnold after being betrayed three times, he offered to sell the military secrets to the British in return for some money and a position of a General with the British Army. He did this with a British General named Andre. He gave a lot of secrets about the Fort Arnold, currently known as West Point to Andre and Andre put all those papers in his boots. But Andre was captured and executed.

So taking away of supplies from Pennsylvania is like you are starving to death in mine craft and there are no pigs, no chickens or cows. And one guy is going to offer you some pork chops only if you betray your team member by gathering creepers and having them explode on your team mate’s house. Washington was in that position. So it was either the continental army or Benedict Arnold. Obviously he needed to make the sacrifice because the continental army needed the supplies. So playing mine craft helped me understand a complex situation that was going on with George Washington and Benedict Arnold.

See ya!