My dog, Copper

Copper was born in Tennessee, a basset hound, with a little bit of beagle. Other breeds that might be in him are unknown. As a puppy, he was taken to a shelter and he was going to be euthanized. Fortunately, he was taken into foster care by a loving family. We were informed about him by a friend since his foster family had already four dogs. I saw his picture and felt very happy inside. The first day, he was about okay. He wasn’t disciplined at all. After that, he became part of our family. He got the daily routines. We taught him the rules of the household.

And one thing is for sure, anything that is live and that moves, he will chase, whatever it takes to sniff it. He will smell literally everything that is not a tiny pebble. Anything he finds on the ground, he needs to sniff and examine. He will chase anything that is tiny, small, fast and moves. He used to run along with cars I think because he thought they were alive. ┬áBut now, he doesn’t do that anymore.

To describe Copper, he is a big bundle of joy. He is happy even when he is trapped in a crate, which he is at some points of the day. He is full of joy at all times except when he is sad or confused, which doesn’t happen very often. So he is mostly joy and happiness. And he is funny when he doesn’t understand the laws of physics and other things. He has no idea how trees work and can easily around a tree bunch of times with a leash on and get tangled and limiting his freedom a lot. At that point, he would get scared and would start to panic, which isn’t very pretty. One thing is for sure, he loves people and cats and dogs. Lets just say that he loves every animal, and that is counting humans. He wants to be friends even with our neighborhood cats who don’t care for him. When he is dragged away, he will start whining. Basically he will start crying. Overall, he is a great dog to have. And I love him.

I will be doing a blog post about Weaver after this. I am not sure why we are doing this out of order since Copper came to us much after we adopted Weaver. But it doesn’t really matter!

See ya!