Boston – Part 1

Today has been a nice day.

Not too long ago, I returned from Boston, settled more, got my dogs back and basically got back into my life. Although I was pretty busy in Boston, it seemed as if your life slows down for a pause, when you do a different routine.

I have seen quite a bit of stuff in Boston, but what I am going to also talk first in this post is what it felt like to get back home. Getting home, I wasn’t really settling in that much for some reason. I was not talking with my friends on Skype, I was not playing much, and I seemed to take a break from everything. And at one point, I finally got back into my normal day. But I will soon have to go through this all over again, because we are going to Milwaukee and Chicago.

Anyway, on the first day, I got into a hotel and basically straight to what I normally do in a hotel: hang out, go somewhere if I need to and go swimming. In Boston, I have been swimming in the mornings, because it had a rooftop pool and they served food. So I had breakfast at the pool a couple of times. And lunch!

On the first day, we pretty much followed the show that we have been watching before we left for Boston, which was called the American Revolution. That is pretty much exactly what it was about it. So we went to Concord and Lexington and saw a few historical sights that other people had been to.

When I was visiting the battle fields I didn’t feel that happy or enthusiastic about the seeing the real thing. I don’t know why but I just didn’t. Along the way, I found out about a person’s house that was a few yards from the battlefield.  The family that lived there watched the battle commence. We ate lunch at the Colonial Inn in Concord, where George Washington had stayed once. I ordered something that I didn’t like, but they were nice enough not to charge us for that. And I know one thing, you know you are hungry when you are drawing pictures of food on the back of the coloring paper.

Next we went to Patriot Place, the home of the New England Patriots, a football team.

We went to a frozen yogurt store called Berry Yogurt and I loved the orange flavor. I wanted a different flavor to mix with it and I chose the red velvet cake flavor and they seemed to go quite well together. Because when I eat frozen yogurt, instead of having more of a vanilla or chocolate flavor, I would rather go with more fruity and tropical flavors.

After that, we came for a spy adventure called 5 Wits. And looking at the other family who was with us, they were creamed. I ended up solving two complicated codes. But we didn’t get to crack a safe that we were trying to open. I would really like to see whatever was in there. Knowing they had to move on to a more important matter, I am pretty sure it would end up with a note that says, “Suckers, you just wasted your time!”.  Then, eventually, we tried to disable a bomb, failed horribly and had to hide a chamber to not be caught up in the explosion. But the second I heard the explosion, my only thought was, “Everyone in this room is the most horrible spy there ever was”. But eventually in the end, while we didn’t know it, the area was rotating around to add a scene where the room was completely exploded, exposed wires, a few sparks, and a burnt smell to add more a realistic feel to it. We somehow got our mission complete event though we blew up a building.

But overall, it was a good day. I got to see a battle zone, got the achievement of becoming the worst spy who still completed the mission and basically that. It would have been pretty good if I had a badge saying, “I blew up a building, on accident!”

See ya.

2 thoughts on “Boston – Part 1

  1. That lull in your routine you were talking about? It’s called taking a vacation from your vacation 🙂 It happens to the best of us.

    Oh and 5-wits sounds really cool. If I’m ever in Boston I have to remember that place and check it out.

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