Boston – Part 2

We went on the Boston Duck Tours. It was pretty cool going to see a tour of everything in the city and learning about the city we were visiting. As cool as it was to travel on an amphibian vehicle, it didn’t impress me that much. I don’t know why. It just didn’t give me the feeling that made me want to say “Wow”! But the part that I liked the most was the fact that a WW II vehicle evolved into a tour vehicle. Does anyone else find that funny in some way? Or is it just me?  I mean, World War, a gigantic war across the whole world as a tour of the city of revolution? I am not saying that the revolution is not a big thing but when it is compared to the immensity of the World War II, the Revolution is a story made by a two year old.

My mom met an old high school friend at Boston and we went to his house. I met his daughter who was at least one year older than me. But we both seemed to have a certain thing that we will automatically do. We tried to dominate the other, but I think she wasn’t as prepared as I was. Because I have argued with some really dominant and older kids, I was completely prepared. But on the other hand, Hiran has two little sisters. Which means she could very easily dominate the two of them and have full control. But so it got her a little overconfident. Another advantage I had over our relationship was that she was a little stereotypical. Since I am not that stereotypical, I cannot be affected by things she would do to embarrass me in some way, or just in any way dominate the conversation. I could easily take care of the techniques. But she was very good at making points in certain things. So it did give me quite a bit of challenge. I enjoyed that. We all went to dinner at Legal Sea Foods. I tried some of Al’s lobster and I didn’t really like it that much. But I had the calamari, which for some reason Hiran didn’t want to eat. I also had some New England clam chowder and I really liked that.

Legal Sea Foods

We went to Boston Aquarium and I was intrigued by the poisonous fish with venom. Not very much just because of the venom, that would be stereotypical. I just referenced what I was talking about before. How stereotypical 🙂 Mostly because they looked so harmless and helpless and they are so deadly. My mom and I ate dinner at the Wharf, I had another bowl of the New England clam chowder. And then we went to Faneuil Hall and while walking around just doing our thing, we saw some street performers. That was quite enjoyable. The group was from New York. I am not sure why they did make some racist comments about themselves, which was apparently comedy, known to me as self-disparaging comments.

We also went to the Boston Science Museum. It was really cool and my favorite part was a show in the planetarium that gave me a lot of information.

We learnt about all kinds of exo-planets, dwarf suns, normal suns and ones that explode. An exo-planet is a planet outside of our local solar system. I know there are two different types of planets: gas planets and rock planets. Gas planets are made out of compact gas, when you go in there with deadly high temperatures, giant storms and there is no way for life to exist there.

The first rock exo-planet that NASA discovered was called the Kroh 7B. But the problem with it is that it has temperatures unto 4000 degrees and that would burn our flesh into nothing. And it is a giant lava planet. The only way I could think for life to exist on it is if it was a type of species that had evolved and isn’t bothered by the high temperatures. Or may be they even need those high temperatures to survive. But now that I think of it, I am thinking of some rock planets maybe we will find species that we know on some other planets. Maybe we will find a wild dog or a wolf! Who knows? I have a lot to think about it, but my biggest question about this is if these life forms have not just survived but actually created their own technology, and I don’t mean a wheel or anything but like an IPad or Internet. Now that is what I would be impressed with. If you know me by now, you know I am hard to impress! But my mom is quite easy to impress though. So you can go for her if you want to show something.

What it takes to impress me with aliens is not just finding a species but finding high technology that they have made. That leads us to another subject. What if instead of using electricity, if they used something else. Like an element that doesn’t exist on earth. Something we have never heard of.  Maybe an ore on their ground. Or Something. Who knows! But the thing is that I don’t know very much about my own planet. So the funny thing is that I am supposed to learn about other planets when I have barely learned about my own! Did that get a laugh? I hope so.

After all this, we came home. I liked the trip a lot. It was very fun to explore and experience.

See ya!