In this blog, I write about stuff that I think about. In this post, I write about stereotypes.

During the first part of one’s life, one starts with no stereotypes. Once one gets into elementary school, they get into stereotypes.You are either a nerd that gets bullied or a bully that no one likes. And then the new kids get trained in the same way. Then you go to high school.

There are different paths to go onto, for different genders. For a male, you can either become the nerd, bully or the very streotypical path, popular muscular man that does sports. The kind that you would stereotypically want in a guy. For the females, you can be a nerd or a fashion diva. Fashion diva is also popular, wants what she wants when wants. In movies, the popular girl and boy start dating.

Once one grows out of highschool and one is in college, there is probably more ways to be other than the stereotypes.And then there is the non-stereotypical person. I think I fall into that category. But because I am homeschooled, I am not sure if it is common or rare to be non-stereotypical.

But I think everyone when they grow up, looks back at themselves, seeing if they turned out the way they expected. Please write in the comments section about your own experience through this journey.