Weaver is a great dog who was found in the Baraga woods and brought to the Copper Country Humane Society’s shelter. A few weeks later, I came along with my friend, Joanne, and my mom. We went to the shelter to look at the dogs to see if we would want one. And when I saw Weaver, I just knew that he would be a great friend.We brought him home.

At first, he peed right away on the living room floor and I will never forget the spot. Weaver has an extremely timid and kind personality. He would never use aggression unless fully pushed to the limit beyond anyone’s capacity. Weaver never barked for almost all the time he had been with us. The first time he barked was on the third day of his moving in with us and he got startled by a hailstorm. And eventually, every day, he got more and more used to our house rules and and our home.

I love him. He is like a brother to me. He sleeps under my loft bed in his little giant pillow of cotton. He has learned our daily routines, the rules of the house and knows what to do in the common situations of our lives. I just love being with him. I have had so much fun with him on different hiking trips. He loves to swim with me. But I really wish he could swim in a pool. That would be so nice!

He loves to play Catch and Fetch the stick from the water. Instead of bringing the stick to me, he would run away. Still it is plenty of fun and a great game. We also play Hide and Seek. If only Weaver could the one that hides! One of my favorite features about him is the fact that he will bring my sled up the hill because he thinks it is pretty much a fetch toy. Kind of ironic, since that sled is bigger than me and Weaver can still carry it. When I think of that, I see more and more ideas for Weaver to do things for me, without even knowing it.

There are a lot of great, funny things about Weaver. But I cannot cover them all. I will tell a few though. One is what my mom calls the Eyebrow thing. When he is just relaxing down and watching us talk, he will continuously move his eyebrows up and down in confusion. He loves food. He would do anything for food. Once he ate a whole pizza.

Overall, having a dog like Weaver, or just having a dog you love is a great gift. If you are willing to take on the responsibility, it is an very enjoyable experience for the whole lifespan of the dog. So what are you waiting for? Do you want a live dog? Go to the animal shelter.

See ya!