My new mural

Lately, for some time now, I have been planning to make a mural in my bedroom. And, I am starting to finish it. First, I wasn’t really sure. Eventually, I decided to make a space mural. My art teacher and I made a prototype on paper. Then, we painted my wall black.

Once we got done with that, we started to spray paint stars on to the pitchblack darkness on my wall.

Then, we got plenty of tape, got some round objects, made a few circles and outlines for planets. We used the tapes to cover around the outline so the paint wouldn’t drip on to the background.

Then, we painted the planets, we took off the tape and added sun in the corner and voila, here is the final picture.

10 thoughts on “My new mural

  1. Excellent results. Smart to take pics as you progressed. My artist friend also documents his process…not only can the client see how much work went into the creation, but the process of documenting the process helps get it right.

  2. Hi Viyan – I am catching up on your blog. This is awesome! I’ll show Jonah – maybe he’ll want to do something like this too!

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