Wreck-it Ralph Movie Review

This was a movie I only saw two days ago. And I already concocted a review just after I watched it. Be warned. This review contains spoilers. If you are actually planning on watching the movie, then go to someone else’s blog.

Now it starts out with a brand new fantasy, just what Disney is known for. Taking something already exists and throw in a bunch of stuff that isn’t real. And that is the way to go for Disney since this movie is rated G and targeted at 8 year old kids. But, for older people that are actually gamers, like me, I am not old but I am a gamer, one can spot millions of references to popular video games. Whether they are in plain sight so you can see it obviously or some extremely hidden references that could come from one just word.

You might not know this about me, but I am a big fan of Valve. I love the games that they made such as Team Fortress 2, Portal, and Half Life. Now back to the movie. The movie starts off with a big barefooted giant wearing brown overalls and a yellow striped red shirt. His name is Wreck it Ralph as it is in the movie title. He is the bad guy in the video game. If you are not a hard core gamer, you won’t recognize that this actual game is inspired by the original Donkey Kong video game. Apparently, every character in the video game does their part because it is their job. So, Ralph was not getting any love from anybody just because of his job. So, he is obsessed with getting a medal that says Hero on it. What do you know, he goes to another video game to get it.

The funny thing is that on a certain screen you can find in one of the scenes, there is Sonic the Hedgehog, sounding like he is giving advice to children. Like look both ways before crossing the road. Instead, he was saying, “Remember, if you die and you are not in your own game, you won’t regenerate”. Although the proper term is respawn, but can’t blame Disney for using the proper gamer terms.

Eventually, he goes through games, meets this annoying little girl and she seems pretty annoying at first. The first game he goes into is called Hero’s Duty. The second I heard that I knew that it was a play on Call of Duty. Once I actually saw what it looked like, it didn’t look anything like the actual game. The thing that it does look like is Halo. Yes, Halo! Another first person shooter game. I think that is all I need to say about the story. I don’t need to spoil it anymore.

The movie does what Disney movies are mostly known for. Taking nice little kids movies and putting emotion into them that makes the movies seem more like Hollywood style movie. But if you are looking for stuff like emotional tragedy, you won’t find it in this movie. This is a feel-good movie you want to watch when you are depressed or when you are really bored. Or if you are like me, and if you have watched creepy pastas on video games. If you don’t know what creepy pastas are, don’t ask me. This is a movie review.

But I feel like there was a nice element that they could have added. They could have added a little more surprise. There was not even one thing that caught me offguard. There was one thing that was pretty surprising, but it just wasn’t enough. But I think overall, it was still a pretty good movie. The animation and artwork was good. The actors were okay. I give it a 7 powerups out of 10.