The 2012 Election – Go Vote!

Four years ago, during the last Presidential elections, I was six. That was when I was introduced to the world of politics. But I had no idea about how politics worked. And over the years, I have gotten more and more into it. I know that Mitt Romney is going against President Barack Obama. I am not going to talk a lot about my opinion about the candidates because I don’t want arguments. Then, it will just be a big war on YouTube, when someone gives their opinion, people give hate or love to it. But I want to talk more about how I got interested in politics and ask my readers to vote .

Back then, I really felt a blank feeling about it and didn’t  understand. Then, when I was seven, I left politics alone. Then, when I was eight, I started to learn more about politics. That is the time I learned about the Republicans and the Democrats. When I entered nine, I started to get really interested in politics. The year when I became ten, I knew more about politics.

If I were old enough to vote, I will pick Obama. Although our current President still has a lot of work to do, before this country becomes a perfect country in which everyone can be happy, I still think Obama has done a great job in his four years of being President. For one, he saved the auto industry. He also passed the Universal Healthcare law. The part that makes me think that mostly that he should win this election is because he supports women’s right for equal pay.

If I were running for President, I would run on a Democratic party ticket. Because, for one, I don’t believe in every man for himself policy. What makes one man stronger is another man. Alliances and being together makes people stronger. The Democratic policy is be together and support each other. In my mind, that seems it would make this country great stronger. That is all I have to say about it. So, go vote! I have nothing against whoever you vote for, but just go vote. Because as a citizen of the USA, it is your responsibility to vote for who you want to win.

See ya!