My mom’s Surgery

Recently, we just came back from Green Bay after my mom’s surgery. This happened a few weeks ago when my mom found out that she needed to have the surgery. My family from India came to help us out. When we got to Green Bay I was  a little nervous. Once I saw her after the surgery I was relieved and a bit frightened. She was in the hospital bed with all the stuff hooked up and it was horrifying. Eventually, she was able to talk and walk in a few days. And once she seemed well enough to go home, we headed back and all I have to say is that I am relieved she is doing better. My mom cannot come up or down the stairs. I miss her because she cannot hang out with me.  At least in a week, she will be able to drive. Eventually, hopefully, everything will be back to normal. But I am glad that my mom didn’t get cancer. And glad that my grandma is here.  La fin!

See ya!