Ballet – Sleeping Beauty

I am not going to really review the show but tell you the experience I had. And believe me, there is not going to be much positive feedback on it. So you have been warned! If you are looking for a positive and happy post, you can search on other categories on my blog.  I have plenty for you to read.

Lets start the story from the past. Since my grandma is here, my mom wants to give her entertainment, other than her Kindle Fire. Since she cannot understand English that well, we cannot really watch movies and since there aren’t Indian restaurants around our area, we cannot find a restaurant. Since it is too cold and snowy, she won’t go to the trails with us. So, that leaves one thing: theater. My mom told me that it was a Russian ballet show about the Sleeping Beauty. And I didn’t really know to be psyched for it or wary because I hadn’t seen ballet, not any that I could remember.

My mom says she took me to a ballet show called “Firebird” when I was little. But I didn’t really remember that show. But I remember a book called Firebird which we used to read every day for year. Believe me, it wasn’t the ballet that I loved about it. It was the book itself. And the art. I didn’t really understand about the ballet but the story sucked in my little brain.

Now back to the Sleeping Beauty. We went to the Rosza theater. It was so crowded. I am talking about more than a thousand people crowded. Maybe I exaggerate, maybe we should bump it down a bit. Maybe it was a couple of hundreds of people. We ran into few friends while we waited in the lobby. After we got settled in, I got relaxed and waited a bit. To be honest, the music didn’t really get me into the mood. It did seem kind of royal, but once I listened to a bit of it, I felt like I was watching an episode of Tom and Jerry. Just because of the fact that it was so old school.

Once the show started, one of the few positive things was that the first guy I saw looked absolutely hilarious. Just with the outfit, mixed with a wig and a mustache, it looked ridiculous. The best part was that I was not really sure if he even was a man. Then, after a few fancy twirls, a bunch of people came and started dancing. I didn’t really understand it but I took a wild guess and thought that it was some royal prom thingamajigga.

The story was a classic damsel in distress one. After a while, a bunch of ballet girls in tutus were dancing. After a while of this happy stuff, I was kind of getting bored. And then the whole place went black with all the red and purple lights. The second I saw that, I knew that the bad guys were making an entrance. But, I was actually expecting something cool like a smoke bomb would fall down and they come out of it, or like all of the lights blinded us for a split second and they appeared out of thin air. It turned out they just came out of the back stage. So that was kind of disappointing. I have to say the only thing they really got right was the witch. Because with that face and the mole, she looked ugly enough to be a witch. But her followers looked kind of weird. One looked like a giant ogre from the Harry Potter movie but scaled down with more pale skin. And the other two looked kind of like werewolves without the hair. For some reason, they didn’t have arms. They were just kind of flapping around their arms like they were boneless.

After a while of doing some stuff, some girl with flowers comes out of nowhere and surprise, surprise, she is a tutu, just like everyone else. And she apparently vanquishes the evil stuff and all that blah blah blah bagels. I am pretty sure that the next sequence was at this gate. Then, that hilarious guy/girl in that wig and mustache came. And apparently there were at some kind of a gate in a swamp or something. There were some girls with knitting needles or something. My mom clarified it. If the needle pieces the princess, she would go to sleep. So the mustache guy/girl took the needles from the girls and for some reason they were begging for them. I swear, if I were a girl, I wouldn’t be that interested in knitting. I would probably take a ball of yarn and kick it around for a while.

So, after a while, this big dance happened. Except everyone was dressed in really green clothing. Then, I didn’t understand why, but the sleeping beauty went to sleep. Actually I think it is pretty self explanatory. I mean, the title of the show is called Sleeping Beauty. So she has to go to sleep. And now, comes the negative feedback.

We ended up leaving during the intermission because of myself. To be honest, that was probably all I could make of it. I didn’t understand the story. I didn’t know what was going on. And I didn’t really know the story. All I went off was there was this princess and for some reason, there was a spell on her that turned to her sleep and then the Prince has to kiss her to wake her up or something. And that is about it. So I didn’t really know much details. In fact, I still don’t know much. I felt that it was getting repetitive, the same dances over and over. I felt like it was the same thing rewinding and playing over and over again. I went to the point at which I started to feel like I was being driven to insanity. And after a while, we ended up leaving. Please comment, follow, and view my other posts.

And tell me, has something like this ever happened to you? And a bonus question. What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen? For me, it was when I was walking down with Weaver. And it was kind of late and I saw this guy in big black boots and brown sweater and jeans running away from half naked men chasing him with shopping carts!

See ya!