I am sick

And I ate soup.

My throat hurts and I can’t talk. But I get to stay home and be lazy. And my mom and my grandma don’t give me enough bagels. Because I really like bagels and eat bagels and bagels, BAGELS!

I feel like I want to lay down, close my eyes, and go to sleep. And then sleep happens. Then, there are tarantulas. I don’t know what it is but it is there. I am just sick, delirious with bagels and bagels, BAGELS!

I am very startled, right now. Because I am sick. of BAGELS!

And Cream Cheese! And there is that mega tarana-de-rex at full power and metal gear solid. Deal with it! No see ya!

4 thoughts on “I am sick

  1. Sick sucks!
    Boring, know? Think of the rest and nutrition as a gift to your immune system which is busy battling the invaders and cleaning up infected cells exploding with baby viruses.
    BTW, here is a cool Great Lakes mapping project…looks like Houghton bay has some clean up opportunities… http://www.greatlakesmapping.org/

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