Hanuman Vs Sun Wukong: Monkey God or Monkey King?


Hanuman Vs Sun Wukong?

Hanuman Vs Sun WukongWukong is a character from one of my current favorite video games known as the League of Legends, or known more commonly as LOL. Today, I will be talking about the resemblance between this monkey character and my Hanuman.

First of all, the character Wukong was based on the Chinese god, Sun Wukong. Let me counter with this another question? Did you actually know this? Or did you figure it out flying playing Smite? The whole reason this posts exists is to compare two characters I find similar. Although they can be considered unrelated, they have similarities.

Now, Hanuman, the Monkey God

Hanuman Vs Sun Wukong

Hanuman is from Indian mythology and since I am of Indian heritage, one of my childhood characters. His basic story is the son of the God of Wind. Don’t ask me why he was a monkey. He just was. According to what the stories I heard in my childhood, Hanuman, as a, let’s stay, a new born, was flying through the sky. You know, like most human babies with monkey faces. somehow he exceeded the speeds needed to break through the earth’s atmosphere and drifts off into the space.

Remember we are using the logic of a five year me and other stuff from mythology. So, in a matter of minutes he flies close to the sun and no, that’s not a metaphor, he literally flew into the sun. Through the magic of he is a monkey baby, he somehow survives not just going headfirst into a gigantic ball of hot gas and plasma, but also somehow plummets back into the earth as if gravity exists in space and he meteor-style crashes into the ground. This episode is akin to burning your hand on the stove by accident and you spill the popcorn everywhere.

His primary story is that he helped King Rama (a god with a bow and arrow) battle the supposed demon king Ravan (a guy with ten heads, honestly, it really creeps me out; I am not sure why it didn’t creep me out when I first heard of the story. Maybe I was a tough thug when I was 2, but I don’t know) and rescued Lady Sita, Rama’s wife who was abducted by Ravan.

During battle, there is a cool story. Lakshman, Rama’s brother was hurt and needed a herb to be revived. The battle was in Sri Lanka, but the herb was in North India. So basically, Hanuman flew with his magic and went to the mountain, but couldn’t find the herb, so carried the whole mountain and flew back to Sri Lanka. He gave the mountain to eat. Maybe I threw the last part in, but you get the point.

hanuman vs sun wukong

So Hanuman was a devotee of Rama. And he was a strong, courageous god, apparently. When I was very young and believed the stories that my grandparents told me as real, Hanuman was my favorite God, out of the many.

Now that we have run through all the shenanigans, let’s go into the real stuff.  How do Hanuman and Wukong compare?

  • Weapon: Hanuman used a golden mace in battles. Wukong used an extendable staff. By extendable, I mean that it can be literally go to unbelievably high lengths. And Hanuman holds a golden mace. While not extendable, I imagine it can effective for causing world wide concussions among demons. Not to mention, Hauman’s tail is basically a lighter exhibited by how one time he used it to set a village on fire.
  • Armor: Although this isn’t as important, it is something I like to put in. Both have gold armor.
  • Fighting Styles:  Honestly, Hanuman was strong and in his adolescence, was pretty much invincible. A lot of his scuffles had a strange connection with being overpowered by something bigger than him. It was solved by easily because he could enlarge his size to however he wants. It explains how he was able to carry a mountain from Point A to Point B. Whether or not Wukong in League of Legends was in line with the chinese mythology is yet to be researched, he had some stuff that was relatively more interesting. But he couldn’t stand a chance against Hanuman in actual battle due to Hanuman being able to enlarge his own size infinitely means he can just go Godzilla on anyone around his size or bigger. Not to mention, he can also enlarge certain parts of his body which includes his tail torch. He can use the torch to completely trap his prey and burn them to a crisp. Wukong’s abilities are connected to how his skin is as hard as a stone.  His martial capabilities mixed with his extendable staff allows for some pretty powerful attacks. But his far most interesting ability is being able to produce fake clones of himself. As seen in the actual game, he is able to replace himself with fake versions of himself which will deteriorate after a few seconds. He can use the clones to his advantages. Using them to give additional power to his kicks and other things.

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10 thoughts on “Hanuman Vs Sun Wukong: Monkey God or Monkey King?

  1. The Chinese have a story about a monkey named Sun Wukong, the Handsome Monkey King. I would say the game character is more based on that legend than on that of Hanuman.

    1. Yes. Briefly after that in fact, I looked deeper into the lore of Wukong and found out about that. My post was less about the origins but more about a comparison of a character from my childhood.

  2. After the big battle of rama sita and ravana he moved to himalayas to write the whole story which he actually did and he distroyed it because it should be written by a human not by God so he distorted his own copy of the tale which is now known as Ramayan .as India n China both share himalayas so it is a posibilty that sun woken is another name for hanuman ji in China as they fly in the same manner n yes he is immortal

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