My Favorite Word

My favorite word is……………..”Vortex”

For one, I find that word awesome and cool. It is a cooler version of the word portal. And it starts with a V and my name starts with a V too. It has an X at the end. Putting an X at the end of any word makes it sound cool. Imagine adding an X to the word “He” and that would make HeX and Hex is awesome.

I really cannot explain that well but I am going to try. When I think of “Vortex” I think a portal, an awesome portal that an entrance to a different world or dimension or even a blackhole or something. The word feels mystic to me. But at the same time, it feels like futuristic technology. It brings to my mind an image of an extremely dark, violet shaded hole. And just sucking everything into another dimension. It has some kind of an undefinable energy. When I think about it, I hear a strange sound of wind. I feel like it is a completely and unique experience from the rest of my world.

Why don’t you reply in the comments about your favorite words? I really want to hear them and I have a lot of free time to read them. And you can tell, I like words.

See ya!

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Word

  1. I love words as well. I had a whole bunch of favorites when I was your age. And, like you, often it was the sound of the word more than its meaning that intrigued me. Generally, it was words with many syllables, like idiosyncratic. And, of course, a word with some currency at the time, for some reason I cannot remember, but clearly attractive to me for its length: anti-disestablishmentarianism. Don’t ask me what it means!

  2. Hi Viyan! One of my favorite words is hearty. It makes me think of a delicious warm meal, plus it has “heart” in it. We miss you and your Mom here in Cleveland. Keep up the excellent writing!

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