The Power of the Mind

In this post, I am going to write about how I view my mind. I really enjoy my mind.

When I want to create something or write a story or a post, I need to be in the right frame of mind. In order to get the good material, I need to be in a mood where I can focus my mind. But I am not able to force my creativity from the depth of my mind. I just need to doze off into my mind without actually focusing on it and let it emerge.

I love that human mind is infinite imagination. It is not only one mind but it is a collective, shared mind. The mind is powerful with countless possibilities, but that is what leads to its downfall. Because the powerful imagination leaves it extremely fragile and open to being controlled through outside influence. It can be easily controlled but also can control itself. It is because it is easily affected that it can make things that the host didn’t intend based on their own emotions. I find the how the host affects the mind intriguing. It is not like the mind doesn’t have its own mind, it is not self-aware, but it creates all the possibilities and words based on what the host has heard, talked about and done, experienced, read, and the mind will take and produce by itself.

The mind creates everything with the information it has from the host. I think the mind is separate from the host. Not physically, but mentally. Subconscious is a part that you don’t know. You cannot control it but it produces information and images and places you in them, creating dreams. The reason these are created when you are sleeping is because your active mind is shut down but your mind is still active and creates the world and puts the host in the world created from the information provided by the host. And then, once the host awakens, it is at times very hard to remember and feels like you couldn’t remember the story but it feels like you weren’t alive, or you weren’t born yet, it was all blank. As it feels as if you weren’t there. You were just gone out of existence.

The mind is completely active but the host has absolutely no way to control it making it so the mind that is producing every piece of information to put the host in the sequence. So, basically, the mind is like god once you are in a dream. The mind has control over everything and all you can do is to wait for what happens next. But even in this state, there is something mind-boggling about this. It is the fact that if you are in the dream, the weird thing is that you can’t really control yourself. It is almost like the mind sort of has control and makes a certain personality that you know about, whether a real person that you know personally or a character from a video game, but you become the person and you also witness it. It is hard to have control over your actions, but you  still witness it. Even in moments in which you are yourself, you don’t have direct control. But, in certain dreams, you are not seeing it in your own eyes. If you are running away, you don’t really see through your eyes. You kind of gaze upon yourself running. Kind of like a movie. At the same time, a lot like a videogame, where you have to control your character but you are not seeing the exact sight that your character does. Take Super Mario for example. You don’t actually see it in the 3D world that it is, you are seeing from the side, controlling Mario.

This is what happens to me mostly. Although I think about this, I am very pleased by my mind. I feel as if time speeds up and I wait for the daytime when I can do whatever I am ready for and whatever life throws at me. It makes waiting for the night to end less tedious.

That is really I all have for today. See ya.