Daily Shenanigans

We are finally starting off this thing. Today was kind of a normal day. I did my normal routine. But hey, every day has interesting perks. At about 7, I was playing minecraft with my friends and we actually made a statue of myself. The best part was inside the statue, I built my house. It had a stair case going all the way from my feet to my house which was in my head. Who knew that was inside my brain the whole time! A TV, a bed, and two pet pigs! Just for the fun of it, I named them Bob Jr. and Jeffrey Jr. And in an hour or so, my friend got a ┬ábatman skin and I got a spiderman skin. The only difference is that instead of ┬áthe normal spiderman face, my head was a pig. And my friend’s head was a cow. We just pretended to fight zombie crime and be super heroes. After we got bored with it, we snuck into another friend’s house without being noticed. For some reason, she really doesn’t like cobwebs being in her house. So the logical thing we did was to put cobwebs everywhere we could. It wasn’t being mean, but just a bit of teasing and fun. Nothing big. she didn’t really notice it because we put it only on the top floor. But I am waiting for her to notice. So batcow and I (spiderpig) just went around doing random things, messing around with our friends since there were so many online at that time. It was a pretty awesome night. Eventually, I did go and just relaxed on the couch. I ate a delicious quesadilla that my mom made for dinner. Not it brings me to this point. Please post in the comments if you would like to see my every day stuff.

See ya!