I have been doing stuff and keeping busy. That is all. We have had two friends visiting us. One is one of my top commenters on this site. I am not going to say who it is but I will give you subtle hints. I call her my aunt but she is not my mother’s sister. But she is pretty close with my mom and me. She lives in California and Bangalore. I think you will figure it out by yourself. And the second person is also a friend from California. A very close friend of my mom, yet again, but she hadn’t met him in person for eight years.

In another news, I feel that I haven’t been posting enough. That is why I am considering doing daily posts of random shenanigans starting tomorrow. And making it just enough to make it enjoyable for my readers.

In even another another news, I hope to be eventually moving to my own custom made website. Although I will be posting daily shenanigans starting tomorrow, I will be posting my regular blog post in a couple of days.

Also, I am open to suggestions from you on what you would like me to write about. Put it on the comments and I really hope you will give me ideas to work on some extra material. Since I can only think of so much for one person. It is always nice to bounce ideas off others. And have a bit more stuff. I will be giving you a shout out and I hope that you do end up commenting.

See ya!