Costa Rica like India

I just got back from Costa Rica. And I have to say that the trip was pretty good. We stayed at the Westin Playa Conchal resort.

This resort was listed in Tripadvisor as a top 2013 destination.

The food was amazing. I had a lot of fun in the ocean and the pool.


We flew from Chicago and I took a picture of the airport when we took off. We also saw the ocean from the plane and I took a picture of the Florida Keys from the plane too.


florida keys

Here is a picture of Costa Rica when we entered its airspace. If you try hard, you can see the volcanoes which we didn’t get to go this trip.

costa rica from air

All I can say that is really negative is that it got really hot at times. But we can’t blame the resort for that. I have to say that Costa Rica reminded me a lot of India. It was another negative feature because it made me want to go back to India. It was so similar. The heat, the atmosphere was so similar to India. Even the stray dogs everywhere. I have to say it made me feel really sad that I just wasn’t in India.

One of  favorite parts was the smoothies that I had in the resort. Oh the smoothies! On my last day, I got the three of the same one. They were amazing.


There is a lot more to tackle. I cannot go into detail about everything now but maybe in later posts. At times, I did feel a little tired and couldn’t really go outside to experience some other stuff because for one, it was too hot. And most of the time, I would have tired myself doing so much stuff that I didn’t have the energy to go. My arms and legs were so sore when I got back from boogey boarding in the ocean. Those riptides were fun but painful. The first time I encountered it, I got submerged into the water for about three seconds. I have to say salt water does not taste good. I did a lot of other stuff like jetsking and ziplining that I will go into detail in other posts. Say in the comments what you want first. Whether it is the jetskiing, ziplining, or the restaurants. There is so much to say. I would love for all of you to comment on what you want to hear.

See ya!

3 thoughts on “Costa Rica like India

  1. I like your observation about the tray dogs. Ilha Bella in Brazil is like that too. Dogs everywhere. When the moon is full, they will howl all night long.

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