Ziplining in Costa Rica

So far ziplining has been the one thing that has been requested by ONE OF THE THREE COMMENTERS THAT ACTUALLY CARED! Basically, we went ziplining because my mom has been wanting to do it for a long time. On our trip to Vancouver a year and half ago, there was a ziplining place and my mom wanted to go. I wasn’t into it much but I was willing to try it with my mom. But it turned out that I didn’t weigh enough to do the zipline there. I guess I really was skin and bones back then!

Anyway, fast forward into the time of our trip to Costa Rica, a year and half later,  I play Minecraft, and League of Legends and I was in Costa Rica a few days back. In case, you were not following my most recent posts. I went on a zipline tour. We got the instructions on how to do that. I got geared up and felt some nervous feeling in my stomach.


Not so much from how fast it could go but more about how intimidating it looked when you looked down. And it makes me think of all kinds of possibilities of what could go wrong. But I still kept my concentration.


After the first and second lines, it got actually easier for mw because I was no longer so scared. Eventually, a really long one came and that was fun. I loved doing it. The only part I could say that I didn’t like was having to climb up the really big hills in the heat.


After we were done, we went to a store and I bought some chips and my mom bought some ice cream for herself. We waited for our van to arrive and we finally got back to the resort. I have to say that ziplining was one of my favorite parts of the vacations.Also one of the funny things is that my mom got stuck on one of the lines. The guy had to go and get her.


I guess that all I can say is that it was great. If you get a chance, give it a try. See ya!

3 thoughts on “Ziplining in Costa Rica

  1. Hi V – Thanks for taking my request and writing about your ziplining experience. I really appreciate it. I remember you being so light that you couldn’t go ziplining and I went alone in Vancouver! Looks like you had great fun. I really liked it when I did it too. So, what’s in store next?

  2. V – When is the post on restaurants and jetskiing coming? Don’t write it too late after the trip as you may forget some of your experiences.

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