What Weaver means to me

Weaver is my rock.

viyan and weaver

Sometimes I get stressed while playing League of Legends because it is a game in which you need to be quick to protect and win the game. Like I have talked about before, there are those toxic players who infuse me with rage. I feel like punching. I have even broken into tears once or twice. Just infused by those emotions. But when I look at Weaver, it is like every thing in my soul is emptied out. All the hatred, all the anger, frustration. Eventually, every single emotion is out of my head. I just have no emotion.

Once I played a game and I got stressed. Then I spent some time with Weaver and played another game and I had no emotional reaction to anything that happened in that game. Whether it is hatred, happiness, stress, or even just one of those parts where I just want to face palm myself for what I just did. It is like all that was left was my body and it was still moving and doing stuff.

If I have a bad day, I just look at his face, as he pays no attention to anything but me, he is only just looking at me. Think of it like a moist river of frustration and when I look at Weaver, it dries up completely without even a molecule of water making it a desert. The river full of every emotion in my head empties out.

It is not hypnotic because I still have my will and do things, he just makes me want not to be angry but want just to relax and leave it all behind. It is quite fascinating how he is able to just lie down and do whatever he likes and be happy. If I just accidentally startle him or step on his paw he just lies there and drifts into his own world. I am going to try the do the same.

See ya!