Where children sleep around the world

Hey People of Earth

Today I learned about something. This morning, my mom showed me an article with pictures of children and their bedrooms in different parts of the world. My reaction wasn’t too happy. I really feel really bad for some of the kids who have to sleep on the streets and even worse. I kind of went through a meltdown because of the children.

A weird thing that probably triggered my meltdown was that my chest was hurting. Perhaps because I had just eaten while running around and my heart started to ache. Since I didn’t know it may be because I was running around and eating, I was afraid that I had some kind of a heart condition. At the time, it made me feel bad for the other people who do and what would happen if I ended up losing my life because of it. And after that, my mom showed me this while I was still thinking about people with heart conditions. The article was just enough to push me into my meltdown.

I feel sympathy for these kids. I really think that these kids deserve better. I know I can do my best to help out others/ but it makes me think of what they deserve and what I can do that would give them what they deserve. I feel a bit guilty because I have so much more yet I am barely any different from them. I guess I was one of the luckier kids. With that mental breakdown, I also felt scared that I could lose everything so easily. I really don’t know how to react to it.  All I really want to do is now to proceed with my life. And help people out. And get to make this world a bit of a better place.

6 thoughts on “Where children sleep around the world

  1. Oh, Viyan! I have felt the same exact way so many times in my life. The best we can do is help where we can and envision the best for everyone. Thanks for writing this post and reminding me that we can make a difference by being aware of what happens in other parts of the world and helping when we can. If we do this, and everyone does this, maybe in your lifetime we will have a much better world where every child has a nice place to sleep.

  2. Viyan,
    You are a very intelligent and considerate person.
    Even adults have insecurities sometimes and it is okay to vent out. The main thing is continue to make a difference in your own little world around you. As you grow older and develop more talents and skills your world will widen as well.

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