The 100th Birthday Post


I never post. Or I post at completely random times. I am a disorganized mess.

On other news, May 6th was my birthday. I probably should have made this post sooner. So probably I am going to tell you how it went. It is kind of ironic that the post based off my birthday that comes every 365 days happens to be my one hundredth post.

I woke up, trying to keep my excitement. Trying to pretend that my birthday wasn’t for sixty days at least until I open the presents. I woke up, do my routine and jumped right into presents. First, I got a Sharingan cake. I am not going to do a full explanation of what that is yet. But it should be on the Naruto wiki if you are curious.

I got the full use of my birthday presents, a Windows laptop, a gaming mouse, and headphones. I also got a mousepad that is pretty awesome too. And lastly as a surprise gift my mom gave me a T shirt based on League of Legends video game. So I mentally binded myself with that piece of cloth. I should keep wearing it for a few years until I grow out of my mental obsession over it. The morning went pretty well. I spent the rest of day eating cake, looking at baby pictures, and playing on my presents. I got a buttload of happy birthday messages from my friends and family. I am not going to name any of them, but props to all of them for making the call just for me.

As for me,  I have got a little settled down. Tested out things on my laptop and relaxed. I also downloaded a few online video games that I could only play on my laptop. Nothing particularly unusual. We went to dinner and I got one of my favorite drinks, a non alcoholic strawberry daiquiri along with getting to try Brisket. I have been very curious about what it tasted and I liked it. I appreciate everything I have been getting for the special celebration for the day I was born.

Also, if you didn’t know, I am right now in California. Should have mentioned this before. This is one of the reasons I haven’t been posting regularly. But expect a few more travel posts on this trip. I might finally get to doing the rest of my Costa Rica trip. I am also working on a new story that I hope to share on this site soon enough. As for the Magician’s Story, no body really knows when that is coming back. I can barely remember any of the characters as crazy as it sounds.

See ya!