The Dark Side of my Mind

Warning: This isn’t a post for younger readers. It addresses a lot of realism of the world that you might not want to know. Please acknowledge my warning. Let your parents read this and let them decide if this post is for you.

True darkness comes from fear. Fear comes from those things that are important to you. The need to not lose them. Your need to keep them with you. The thought you can lose it in so many ways creates fear. One of the prime examples of what you don’t want to lose is your life. This can be manipulated to create cruel jokes and pranks. It is how horror movies are made interesting. It is why being told a scary story at a campfire makes you shiver. It starts to do things to your mind. You start to become delusional about what can happen. You start to think of strange things that are illogical yet you still have fears that they exist. These are my fears. The dark side of my mind.

Humans, creatures, life itself. Lets go a bit further. Creatures that watch you. The second you turn your head, they are breathing down the back of your neck. And they still so invisible and out of sight and that you only have the faintest feeling that someone is with you. These creatures could be put into all sorts of categories. Creatures that just stare at your and observe you without letting you know. Yet you do know. You know something is there. You become scared about what it is going to do to you. It can be named in a lot of ways.

Insane men whose minds have been ripped to shreds as they disjointly hum to themselves with that same smile from seeing the warm scarlet liquid that keeps us all alive. Seeing the things inside us that keep us from dying. The beady soulless eyes that never change. That unstable strange form of possession. It makes you think that person is no longer a man. It is a beast.

Then it comes to actual beasts that could be breathing down your neck. They have no minds but by instinct require bloodshed. And then there is some of the sickest of all of them. People who desire sexual acts with the innocent. But lets keep off of the subject. The worst part that makes all my fears so scary is that everything I talk about is all real as it can be. This is the world that we live in.

But there are many beauties in the universe that are better than these flaws.

These are my worst fears. What are yours?